Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Christmas Time :) (Of course I have to show our tree...)

I love decorating the Christmas Tree. I can hardly wait to get the tree up each year. This year we got a new tree...the old one had seen its' day!

Every year varies at this house on when the tree can and will go up but we always try to put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Ben has always had a rule of "NO Christmas before Thanksgiving"...this year he must have just known I needed something more. The day before Thanksgiving all my nativities and Christmas decorations were out and decorating the house. I did need it too! We did wait to put the tree up the day AFTER Thanksgiving!

We had a lot of fun decorating the tree and I am even in some of the pictures as Katy decided to take over with the camera for a bit! What a sweetie to want me in the memories too - just hate that I looked so "Lovely"...oops guess you better always be prepared for a camera when making fun memories while decorating the Christmas tree!

Our tree decorating tradition goes as follows: Ben and I get the tree up and ready while the girls are off doing something else. The girls appear as the decorations and ornaments come out. Mad chaos ensues as memories are shared over each fun ornament and who gets to put what on the tree. Eventually, the tree is covered in memories and we hope a few new fun ones have been created. At the end of the night, we drink egg nog and/or chocolate milk from our nice Christmas glasses and sit on the couch enjoying the beautiful lights of the tree while talking about Christmas. I LOVE it!

This year Katy danced to the music for a bit and we all enjoyed the peace and happiness that Christmas trees bring! I tried to get Lyse to dance but she was enjoying just taking it all in...she must be more like me than I realized. There is NOTHING like sitting and just soaking in the warmth of a Christmas tree!

I am truly blessed with a beautiful family!!!

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