Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am thankful for...

1. When people listen to the Spirit (including me).

2. Knowing prayers are answered.

3. A husband that loves me (and that I love him).

4. 2 beautiful gorgeous amazing daughters.

5. Gainful employment for not only me but my husband!

6. Knowing when the Spirit speaks to me.

7. Christmas trees

8. Real fires and the smoke coming out of the chimney and the wonderful smell it creates.

9. Snow on Christmas.

10. Watching the joy of children at Christmas time.

11. My family.

12. My overall health and the blessing of loosing weight.

13. A warm bed to climb into at night and getting to snuggle up to my husband.

14. My Savior and Redeemer. I know this should be higher up on the list and I thought it as the first one but didn't want to be "oh ya you just had to say that". I really truly do feel love and appreciation for Him. I am so grateful for Him and I know I don't show or express that enough. So even though the number says #14, it truly is a #1!

15. Having beautiful temples not far away!

16. I do have things to be happy for in life and that when I focus on them, life is better!

17. That I get to wake up every morning to beautiful daughters and drive carpool to school with them.

18. Computers...I admit I love my internetz with email, blogs and yes Facebook. I love being able to stay in contact with family and friends even if they live far away!

19. Christmas tree ornaments that have meaning behind them!!

20. A car that runs and gets us safely from point a to point b.

21. Clothing that I can wear - especially in that really cold weather outside!!

22. Electricity.

23. The ability to bake and enjoy it. I love finding a yummy recipe and making and sharing the food. It doesn't matter if it is just my little family or a large group - I enjoy it!

24. Grocery stores. I really like that I don't have to go out and butcher my own meat in order to have it! I love that I can get fresh, yummy veggies year round and not only when the garden is in full bloom.

25. Warm blankets...nothing better!

26. Babies!!

27. A child's smile.

28. A child's faith and undeniable love for their Savior.

29. MY childrens' excitement for Christmas.

30. Pets. I do love my cats.

31. Public education.

32. A free country and the fact that I have never had to know anything different!

33. The magic of Christmas and SANTA!!

34. A home...I have not expressed this enough lately but I really am grateful that I have a home. I know it isn't a house but it IS a home. There are many out there that have houses but not a home...I don't want that. I am grateful for my home. I am trying to no longer look at the size, location or position of my home as a reason for why it isn't good enough. It is my (and my family's) home and that is all that matters!!!!!!! This is a hard one but one I am willing to and continuing to work on changing this feeling.

35. The ability to change my attitude!!

I know it has been a bad poor pity me attitude lately. Please know I truly am trying. It is far easier to see what I don't have than what I do but I am trying and working on changing that. I am sorry and I apologize to everyone for this. I have known for a few weeks my attitude and heart were not where they needed to and should be but I haven't had the desire to change. I am still struggling with the desire but I know that I can't live like this...I need to live with an attitude of gratitude for my many many blessings. My life is deeply and richly blessed and I have just lost sight of that a bit and finding it is hard among all the conflict and chaos surrounding me. I am working on removing that chaos so once again I can see the truly most important things in life. Thank you for bearing with me through this all!!!!

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  1. I just love you Tauni... no greater words than those. :)