Monday, December 27, 2010

Let them be little

I miss my old life. I miss the times when the kids were out of school and all I had to think or worry about was them.

Work has been mandatory overtime, my kids are out of school and I am depressed. I miss my kids! I miss being able to just be their mom. I so desperately want to just be home with them again.'

You never know why we are put in the situations in life we are. There is always a reason. I keep my chin up and try to find the fun but at times like this it is DANG hard. All I want is to be there with and for my kids. I want to spend the day playing or snuggling with them.

Work has over-ran my life the past few weeks.

Tomorrow I will once again get up and try my hardest to make the day about them...about my children for the few hours until I have to work. But tonight, tonight I am devastated and having my moment of tears. They grow too dang fast as it is! 24 hours a week may not seem like a ton but it is 1 full day of my life in a week taken for work...add in that it is of awake hours and my life is consumed.

I am grateful for my job. I am grateful that bills are paid. I know the Lord has and will continue to bless our family...I just pray I don't loose it before then! I keep thinking of the song, "Let them be little...let them sleep in the middle...oh let them be little". I have seen my Katy struggle with "growing up" the last few weeks and I hate it. I just want to let her be little! I regret so much in life but my biggest regrets are having them grow up too fast!!

My life is blessed because of my children! I miss them!!!!!

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