Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am a Bridezilla only without the wedding when it comes to pictures!!

We took pictures with the Grandchildren on Ben's side of the family! Boy was it fun. I NEVER want to take pictures of my own children again! They mope, cry and whine and by the end...we all want to run away like Lyse is in this picture!!

No was not a happy time! I wish I could be the type of mom to be an awesome picture taker and get awesome pictures. Instead when it is "formal" like these, I get STRESSED! Stressed Tauni does NOT lead to happy people around her. I lash out :( Poor Katy and Lyse had their heads handed to them for not cooperating and just smiling in the photos with the group. Seriously, most of the photos with them looked like this:

And that was a Happy look on Katy and Lyse's Face. There were some really nice ones like this:

Doesn't Lyse just looked OVER JOYED TO THE MOON HAPPY about this photo? No you say? Oh well She does great when it is a solo see:

I don't know what it is but that child just does not like photos in groups. She will ALWAYS find a way not to be happy. She did it when we took pictures almost 2 years ago. Hence the reason no formal picture since. Now maybe it is because I become a raving lunatic! I want the pictures to look nice and perfect! I need help! I dearly want to have fun family pictures in which the MEMORIES are just as happy! Help!! Anyone? I mean seriously I become Bridezilla but without the wedding its just pictures so Portraitmomzilla? POMOzilla? Not sure what you would call it but whatever it is, it ain't pretty.

I love pictures to look beautiful. I always tell the kids, picture day is my day. They don't get to pick or fight about hair, clothes or the application of make-up. I don't do tons of make-up just enough to add to features (such as mascara to make their eyes pop!). I also like to do foundation because seriously, makes the skin look AMAZING in photos! Doesn't cover up anything (like Katy's adorable freckles) just makes the skin look even. Even if she is grumpy faced like this:

However, she did also give me this:

The problem is if the pictures don't turn out and the kids act as previous photos show...well it just ain't good. I am not proud of how I acted at all. I hate that Katy got yelled at for getting chocolate on her shirt or that she wished she could do the pictures over cause I kinda told her and Lyse I was sad that they wouldn't just SMILE!

Seriously, I am not sure what I have done wrong to make it that they don't smile in pictures. Do I make their lives that miserable? I don't know. I do know that man alive...I want a family picture so bad but I don't think I can do it again! Just takes too much out of me!

However, this shoot is over and done and I am hoping that there happens to be a miracle and a beautiful picture of all the kids comes out! I do know that I do have beautiful kids and I did get some fun beautiful pictures of them so I will share the rest!!

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