Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I finally can add that I have Road Tripped all the way to Washington State (not only Washington D.C.)

I needed to write about our fun yet quick trip to Washington. I have been so busy lately that I don't have time to keep track of all of this. However...that is the whole point of this blog so here I type quickly.

Late Thursday night I crashed our car (ya it was lovely...ya I need to do a post on it).

Friday morning we had to take care of the car then we were on our way to Washington. It was a long drive but the girls did AWESOME. We picked Bart up at the airport and headed off. The girls managed to keep themselves busy and with only 2 stops we made it to Yakima in about 11 hours.

Friday night we stayed up late and then Saturday morning got up early. We worked in the yard for a bit then let the kids go swim at the hotel pool that Bart and Debbie were staying in. After about an hour of swimming, we headed back to get ready and head the baptism.

The baptism went wonderfully. There was a nice dinner before. The boys were so excited to be baptized. The confirmation followed right after. Spencer had to peek through the men during the confirmation cause he just HAD to watch Isaac receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. That was very touching to me!

Sunday was just a chill and relax day. We did let the kids swim at the pool again and then later when it cooled off went Geo Caching down by the Yakima Cemetery then by the Yakima River. All the kids seemed to really enjoy searching for the "treasure" :)

Monday we loaded up and headed out. Katy and Lyse struggled a little more at first. It had been a long, eventful filled weekend. Once sleep overtook them the trip went much quicker. I love road trips and being able to have time to snuggle my kids and talk and take naps or whatever. There is something that can't be beat about driving across the country stuffed in a car!

We got home and since it was the 4th of July, fireworks were every where. This year sky fireworks became legal so many, many people had to use them! Made for GREAT displays! One of Bart and Debbie's neighbors invited us over for the show. We watched it for a while and the girls were glad to be out of the car and enjoying the 4th of July. I on the other hand was ready for home and bed. We excused ourselves early and headed home.

Home is a great place. I loved our little get away but was grateful for my own bed.

Now speaking of beds, I need to get to bed. See tomorrow while I LOVE being home, I also love enjoying my flight benefits. Tomorrow I am doing another Daycation to California. This time it's just the girls and me. It's also a cheap "beach bum only" trip. We are flying out with little, taking the bus to the beach and flying back home hopefully tired and happy (but no sunburns please!!). I will have to post all about it later!

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