Monday, July 11, 2011

Picturific Times AKA Picture Post

I need to get caught up in posting pictures so there are a few!! It starts with the girls dance recital on Thursday, May 12, 2011:

My hip hop Katy

And Jazz Toed Lyse

These next few are when we went to Sea World as a family with my parents. I think it was in April that we went but it might have been March. Hmmmm...guess I should be better about record keeping!!

This is me and my eternal sweet heart! I sure love him lots and lots!!!

Fusca - um...Shamu? Gotta love the slug bug game when a Shamu car is involved!!!

Shamu rocks that night...right after a cold ride on the Rapids!

This was on a day trip to Cali - Ben's 31st Birthday on March 31st at the beach!!!
Oh how I love the beach!
Now that is some true sisterly love there I tell ya! Katy is such an amazing sister, I can hardly believe how giving and loving she is!!

Bracing for the waves!!

Another self portrait of me and my love!Ben and his girls, playing in the ocean!!

Now this is the day trip to San Diego - Sea World that we did on June 27th!

The new Shamu stadium all decorated for the new show!

This was Katy's self taken picture in grandma and grandpa's room. They went out the night before.
Lyse in Shamu's stadium.

Katy at the Shamu stadium and you can see Shamu in the water behind her (ok it's not's just a killer whale but aren't all whales in Sea World named Shamu?!? )
This is in the new turtle bay area. The kids loved it here!
Gotta love them turtles!

The picture above is from when we went to Idaho for Grandma and Grandpa Greats 60th wedding anniversary. We tried to keep busy playing games for part of it. The kids did not last long :( :)
Back to Sea World on the 27th...sorry these jump around so much!

This "little" crab was the crab we saw in California at Newport Beach on July 7th when we went!

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