Monday, July 11, 2011

I need a rest!

This is a quick recap of my last few weeks:

California was amazing but seriously I am exhausted! It seems like we are go, go, go on the play then I work, work, work then we go, go, go again! Craziness I tell you!!!

We have been quite the busy bees over the last few weeks and traveling all over the place. For super poor we sure have managed to travel the Western United States. It got me to thinking just how blessed we truly are.

We went to Ben's Grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary up in Idaho the week of June 17th. It was AWESOME and wonderful to spend time with family. I LOVE camping but I love camping with something other than the cold, hard ground to sleep on. Guess what was forgotten? The air mattress of course. Luckily we stayed pretty warm!

As I previously posted on June 27th we flew down for the day to California. Sea World was wonderful and we had a blast. It was while in California this time Ben was called about the job interview as the IT guy.

On July 1st we headed on the road to Washington. We are blessed with wonderful family and I am grateful that Bart and Debbie allowed us the ability to go to Washington with them. I love road trips. We headed home on July 4th and got home just in time to see wonderful firework displays across the Salt Lake Valley.

On July 5th Ben was offered his new job and on the 6th Ben started his new job! YAY!!!

July 7th the girls and I took an adventure and headed out to California again for the day. We took the buses in California all the way day to the Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills area. WOW! We INTENDED to get off in Newport but well, I missed my stop! Oh well, we live and learn and find new fun places to go!

The day in California was a BLAST. We met up with my parents and spent the day in Newport Beach. There was a purple crab found on the beach and the kids loved seeing it. They also had a boat come up on the beach while we were there and the life guards closed down a section while it came up (something I have never seen them do before). It was cool to watch.

The kids would have played forever there but my dad was definitely ready to go so we headed back to their room where I got a shower and the kids got some more swimming in at the hotel pool. We hit the favorite dollar store in Anaheim and headed to the airport. Our flight was delayed by a couple hours so the girls fell right asleep on the way home.

I loved the day! I loved spending a summer day on the beach. Watching my girls build castles and jump the waves. Katy figured out the boogie board and had a blast riding the waves in. It really was wonderful! I love the wonderful perks and opportunities my job has afforded my family.

Many times I get so caught up in the things we have lost over the last 18 months that I forget to remember the many things we have gained and been blessed with. I miss just being a stay at home mom. That is something of the past. Luckily my current job affords us more than just "making the mortgage payment" affords my kids quick day trips to California. Hopefully this winter we can make a short trip to NY work out (it's in the works and planning stages...hopefully it all falls together how I would like). For having to work, my kids sure have been blessed with some great opportunities (like a day trip to San Diego and a couple days later a trip to the beach). I am grateful for what we have been blessed with!

I loved playing in the ocean with my girls. The day was PERFECT weather for the beach! Even though we met up with my parents, I learned sooooo much about the buses in Cali. I managed to take me and the girls and only spend $18. Not many in UT can manage a trip to Cali for only $18! I learned how the buses work and the day passes and how you get those. I look forward to a day trip in which we don't have a ride back to the complete buses. That is my next endeavor.

Friday I tried to recoup and also worked. I had a CRAZY happening and dropped the car off at the repair shop for them to finish repairing the car. Ben was on lunch and brought me home. I signed into work and Ben headed back to his work. Right after signing into work, all the phone systems in our area crashed. I had no car and had to go into work from the center. I ended up bumming a ride off my neighbor that doesn't speak english. I had 30 minutes to make it to the center and I literally signed in RIGHT in time! It was a close call and I was worried and so grateful I made it. It was a frazzling day to say the least!!!

Saturday was my works party at 7 peaks water park. We got there around 2 and stayed until the water slides closed and watched the fire dancers. I think everyone had a lot of fun. Ben's sister is in town from Washington so her and the kids came with us. I loved riding the tube rides with my girls and nephews. It really was fun. Ben loved the scary rides and even got me to go down them once. Near the end of the day I was SPENT! Seriously it hit quickly and I felt like I had bricks on my legs everywhere I walked. We got home and crashed in bed.

Sunday I got up and got ready for church. The kids were so worn out, I had Ben stay home with them and let them sleep. Church was great and I loved being there. When I got home I slept for a bit then worked for a couple hours then slept for a couple more. I was sooooo tired. That night we went to my Dad's 60th birthday bash.

Today has been relatively mellow but I am seriously just burnt out! I want to go on a vacation to a beach somewhere and just sleep for several days on that beach! Hmmmm...I bet we could get by on just living on the beach for a couple days somewhere in the Carribean and forego the hotel rooms and expense. HEHEHE Just kidding...seriously I need some rest time. I know we aren't going anywhere for at least a week. Then I have a promise to a soon to be 9 year old girl to fulfill - Whale Watching for Blue Whales! Oh how I hope we see them and that all works out for that. It is all she has talked about for months. We were going to try and make that work this last day trip but I just couldn't come up with the $80 it would take. Hoping to be able to in the next few weeks. Until then I am going to work and sleep...and maybe add some hikes in there!

I am so grateful for life. It really is great. I have pictures of all our joys and wonders to follow :)
Lyse had to have a picture of her "chillin' under the coconut tree" California 07-07-11

Katy Boogie Boarding at Newport Beach California 07-07-11

Headed home on the plane...not the best picture but wanted to post it cause this is life in how you get on planes in Long Beach :)

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  1. Your summer sounds like it has been full of fun memories! That's so nice. And congrats on your husband getting a job! I hope everything works out for him and he loves it!