Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Civic Duty

This week my dear husband was chosen to be on jury duty.

I am completely 100% in agreement that we need to do our civic duty. I know we need to stand up and help our country. I have nothing against it!!

What I do have a problem with...the $18.75 for the DAY today. Then he gets $50 for the DAY tomorrow. We are extremely tight and we are going to loose money for the rest of the week. Ben does not get paid to be on jury duty through his work. Since he hasn't been there long he only has about 5 hours paid vacation. So once those 5 hours are used up (which will be today), we get the $50/day until the jury duty is over. He has been told he has to be there at least the rest of this week, possibly next week too. Saving grace - he isn't sequestered!! That I am sooooo grateful for!!!!

Next week is going to be so tight I don't even want to think about it. On top of it all, Ben's work has been super busy lately. Him being gone is going to negatively affect his company too :( I have picked up extra hours this week. My couple hours won't do much but at least it is some!

I am grateful he gets this chance to serve his country. I am worried and sick to my stomach over the loss of wages. I seriously don't know what we are going to do!

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