Monday, September 5, 2011

A story to remember...

My kids are such a bright light in my life. I am so grateful for them.

I love the little things they say and do. Time moves so quickly and it seems like my baby that was just in my arms and then learning to crawl and walk is now joking and teasing me.

Tonight I told Katy a story about when she was about 2 1/2 and recently potty trained. She was very into her awesome new panties. She was sharing what they looked like with all in the room at Ben's parents' home. She went around asking all of us if we wore panties. When she got to Brandon's fiancee (now wife) Courtney, she answered yes she wore panties. Katy was so excited. Poor Courtney was wearing a shirt and Katy ran and tried to lift her skirt as she said very excited, "Can I see?" I laugh every time I think of this. Tonight I told Katy that story again and she laughed and laughed and laughed to the point that tears were coming from her eyes. She couldn't believe that SHE had done that! Awe the stories and memories I need to write and memorize forever!

As for Lyse. That child loves animals - ALL animals. She has an big fondness for dogs. She loves them. Shadow is her best pal at my parents house. You watch her run in the backyard the minute she gets there. She goes to the swings and Shadow follows her. She then pets and plays with Shadow. Today I watched her from the window as she layed on her stomach on the swing. The swing swayed lightly back and forth as she had her hand down petting that sweet 12 year old Shadow puppy (that is what we call her). Lyse is "training" Shadow.

Last night I went out in the backyard with her and we were laying on the grass looking at the stars. As we layed there Shadow ran up to us and flopped down next to us. Shadow would not let up and wanted her stomach scratched. Sweet Lyse gladly fulfilled Shadows whims and then jumped up and ran over to the swings and said, "Mom I am training her watch. Come here Shadow, come here." When Shadow (who is deaf for the most part) didn't come Lyse said, "We are still working on it. Shadow come here girl come here." When Shadow who I KNOW just did not hear Lyse did not come Lyse then said, "Don't worry mom. She is still a good dog. We are just working on her training. She will do it." The next time Lyse called she called a bit louder and Shadow heard her calling that time and jumped up as fast as her arthritic canine limbs would move and ran to that sweet girl, so excited to have her calling her. Lyse then gave her the biggest loves and good belly scratching. She then showed me all the tricks that she had taught to this 12 year old black lab. She sits and lays and rolls over great. Good thing she was taught all this stuff 6 years before Lyse was even born! :) Lyse is so proud of herself and training abilities and Shadow is more than willing to oblige and get the lovings from this girl.

Today as Lyse was running outside I told her Shadow was needing some lovings. Exasperated she said, "Again?!?" then she ran to Shadow and as she rubbed her and scratched her all over she said, "Ok Shadow but this is your last time then I am going in to play with my cousins, do you understand me? I love you but I gotta do other things girl!" My mom and me just laughed and laughed! That dog just has Lyse wrapped around her little finger (or paw!)!

I am writing all this because I need to and want to remember this as much as I want to remember Katy trying to pull Courtney's skirt up due to excitement of learning that Courtney, too, wore panties. My girls are just growing so fast and all these little things that are just daily events will change and instead of running outside at Grandma's to give Shadow day Lyse is going to prefer to stay in the house and visit or if she has a phone text friends (or whatever the current going thing is). One day the stories of her and Shadow will be stories, not a current event. One day I will tell her the silly things she did with that dog to which she will be responding with laughter like today when I told Katy about her panty excitement.

Why are my girls growing so dang fast? Can't I just freeze time for a bit to enjoy these moments a little more? I regret not having realized when they were younger how fast they were growing. I wish I hadn't taken advantage of that time as much as I did. These years are just going WAY too fast!!!

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