Monday, September 19, 2011

To my neighbors - I am sorry for the screeching!

Katy starts Orchestra with the Viola today - oh what a happy girl she is. She is so proud and so excited to have it. I hope she can pick it up and learn to play quickly (and no I am not just saying that cause I don't want to hear the screeching for 30 min each day ;) ).

She has wanted to play a musical instrument for YEARS! We had a piano for a while but we didn't have the means to pay for piano lessons. I taught her some but it's really hard having a mom teach (not sure why but it is hard in our house).

Katy has a BUSY schedule now with orchestra 2 times a week, dance 1 time a week and then activity days every other Wednesday.

I hope she doesn't get worn out. Especially since she can't let school slip in order to maintain all her extra activities.

Man alive - I am driving to their school EVERY day multiple times again this year! Let's hope I survive this :)

I am excited for Katy, especially after watching her soooooo excited. I am so grateful and proud to be her mom. What an amazing young lady she is turning into!

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