Monday, September 12, 2011

Floor mopping and Wall washing...hey it's my day off! :)

Today I have the full day off work. The kids are at school. I was kinda at a loss of what on earth should I do all day. The luxury of going and climbing in bed and getting some more much needed zzz's crossed my mind. Then reality sunk in.

Dishes needed washed. Floors needed mopping. Laundry needed finished washing and folding and putting away. Walls desperately need some scrubbing. Bathrooms both need a good scrub down. Floors upstairs needed vacuumed and beds all need to be made. You know the list of cleaning that NEVER ends.

So as I started scrubbing my floors and walls, it gave me time with just myself. As my brain wondered, my first thing that came to mind was the other errands that needed done today once I finished all the household chores. Clorox from Costco, magic eraser for walls from walmart, apples from winco. The list went on and on and on; unfortunately (or maybe fortunately however you view it), the bank account allows for very little of that to be done.

Depressed. I sat there thinking of all the things we need and realizing we had the funds for none of it and I started to get in a real pissy mood.

As I worked and worked I found myself stewing. Then I stopped. I have 2 choices. You always have at least 2 choices. I could choose to be grateful I had the day off work and was able to clean (really clean) my house or I had the choice to be pissed off that I was cleaning my house and unable to afford things I needed to organize this, clean that or have luxury food of apples and such. That is when I changed my attitude.

I looked at my floors that were shiny and thought - man I am grateful that is done! That has needed done for a while. As I was cleaning the floors, I found some warm fuzzies (the are the sparkly pom pom things you buy for crafts). I threw them out to the cats and watched as my cats eyes light up like a Christmas tree, so excited that some of their beloved toys were rescued from the bottomless pit under the fridge.

I am currently taking a 20 minute break. My wrist hurts (I have been scrubbing the floors on hands and knees so that I can also scrub the floor boards and walls at the same time). I know I am going to be sore tomorrow but I am so grateful for TODAY! The sun is shining in my kitchen. I thought up a dinner plan while scrubbing one particularly large and dirty wall.

I am blessed to have our small condo. I need to start focusing on my blessings because honestly right now if I don't find the small blessings I think you might find me in the mental ward of the hospital.

So Today I am grateful that I am able to work my butt off cleaning my house. Yes only the main level will be clean when the kids get home but by golly it will be shining and SPOTLESS! No dust will be found in my main level :) Also - I was able to spray outside and around the door for pesky little bugs that like to enter my house in the fall. YAY for fewer pesky bugs!! :)

2 things I learned today:

1. Wall scrubbing is going to become my new favorite punishment. Much better than sitting in the corner!! :)

2. When your living room must become your laundry room due to the size of your house - it probably isn't the best idea to start laundry day, get all your piles across the floor and then decide to start mopping said floors. Make for much more work :) :)

PS - I am going to bed in a spotless house! Got the upstairs cleaned after picking the kids up from school! It feels so wonderful knowing that the deep down grimy clean is once again done in my home :) I will sleep well tonight!!

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  1. I LOVE a clean house!! I currently have a heaping pile of clean laundry that needs to be hung up that I just don't get around to and probably should.