Thursday, October 6, 2011

My stick figures!

My mother in law has a magnet on her fridge with stick figures looking like this:

Sorry its so blurry. Finally got a picture but it's not all that great of a picture. The camera just didn't like the magnet I guess!

ANYWAY - back to the stick figures. Lyse the other day was looking at my mother in law's fridge and saw that stick figure. With the most sincere and serious look she turned to me and said, "Whoever drew that picture is a really good artist. They did awesome."

Lyse is becoming quite the artist. She is always coloring and drawing. She is constantly making pictures for those she loves. Just like my little "note" on my white board, she does that with paper whenever she can (which is basically every day).

I let her draw and draw whenever she wants and just tell her she has to clean it up in the end. Many times I will find a picture left for me and will exclaim, "whoever drew this picture is a really good artist. I love it!"

When I heard Lyse exclaim that over the magnet I realized how much that must mean to her. Sometimes her coloring frustrates me, like last night as the living room was COVERED in crayons, paper, glue sticks and little pieces of cut up paper as I was trying to clean it because my parents were stopping by.

Lyse drew a beautiful picture for my parents. She kept telling me she was drawing one for me too. It was a corn maze (the girls are just DYING to go to a corn maze...FHE this next week is tentatively planned as a corn maze night as long as there isn't so much rain that all it will be is mud!).

At the end of the night, this is the picture I got:

I have to say, That is one AWESOME stick figure. Whoever did this is pretty amazing! Look at the wonderful job she did on that corn! Pretty amazing!

I am so grateful to have my children. I am eternally grateful for my family. I love the little things in life that bring joy and happiness. I am trying really hard to focus on them.

This picture brings me joy. It is Lyse's way of expressing love and excitement of things to come in life.

Katy too also makes beautiful pictures. She often is found next to Lyse coloring away!

This is a recent picture colored:

This picture was drawn for her dad who had recently said he wished he had a hammock on a beach he could sleep in and that he would just have to go to Grandpa and Grandmas and sleep in theirs because he didn't have anything different. Katy listened and then provided to the best of her ability.

I love these pictures. My fridge is currently decorated in these beautiful pictures, my stick figures, from my beautiful girls. I love that I don't have enough magnets to keep all my pictures. I love that they express their love to us in drawing and giving us a picture. I am truly a blessed mama!

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  1. Cute! I especially love how she mimicked your praise regarding the stick figures.