Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So many things... (an update)

First - I decided against Aruba. I was trying to convince myself it was ok and I knew it wasn't. After my older and wiser sister said, "You know maybe it is the Spirit telling you no and you are saying yes, maybe you need to go with the no" I realized she was right and followed that. Ever since I said no and followed that, I have had a lot more peace. No more of that back and forth. Still not sure what we will do for our anniversary but we will figure something out!

Second - man alive I have been busy lately! Saturday we spent the evening at Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving point. The kids and us had a BLAST!!! I have a whole post just for that. I am so grateful that I spent the money on KSL deals and did it. We seriously had so much fun!!! Well worth the $9 each!

Third - yesterday and today I had to drive into the center at work due to network connectivity issues at work. Let's just say I am super UBER grateful to finally having it working tonight. I just hope and pray it's working tomorrow. I really take for granted the working from home thing. I like it. A LOT! :) Although being in the center every now and than isn't bad either!

Fourth - On Sunday we did a little tromping around in the mountains by Tanner Flats up Little Cottonwood. Need to get the pics from my sister. It was a LOT of fun and I love it up in them there mountains. It always brings me so much peace and happiness. Seriously it is my favorite place in the world.

Fifth - why am I numbering these things? I am sure there are a ton but oh well when I get to eleventy hundred we will all just laugh right?

Sixth - Ben is loving his job and I am loving him loving it! It is such a huge blessing to have him love what he does. I see how much the Lord has blessed us with that. I am so grateful for my Father in Heaven having more knowledge than I and leading and guiding our family and husband in his career. During unemployment and unevitable financial ruin I often was praying why oh why and getting blessings telling me there was a bigger picture eternally and temporally. I am finally able to see some of these and understand them more.

Seventh - my Elyse LOVE to sing. Seriously, I can often and always here her sing. More often than not it is church songs! Monday she was a little sick and had a sore throat so she was home with me. All day long as she puttered around the house I could hear her singing this song or that. She sang "Praise to the Man" the most. At this moment she is in the kitchen doing her chore of unloading the dishwasher and she is singing her own version of "The wise man and foolish man"...basically it is I love to see the temple, praise to the man and other primary song words to the tun of "The wise man and foolish man rain song". I LOVE it. I love the joy music brings and I love that my Lyse has that bug and loves music and singing too. I love that she knows it brings her closer to her Father in Heaven. She has the music Spirit and bug!

eighth - My kids won't stop fighting lately. It's is putting me on edge. I don't know what it is or why it is. I need help and a LOT of patience to make it through this rough patch!

ninth - Katy is coming into her own and really making a great group of friends. It makes me so happy and breaks my heart (more on that in 10th update). She really has a great group of girls that buoy each other up and encouraged betterment and greatness. I LOVE it! She always comes home with such joy and happiness for her friendships.

tenth - I guess I am gonna have to announce it sometime. We are moving. I am TERRIFIED!!! This isn't a move because we decided to move and sell our place. Yes we are loosing it. Yes I am heartbroken. Yes this has brought MANY sleepless nights, many tears and unfortunately a mom on edge that looses her cool a little too often. This last 2 years has been the HARDEST 2 years. So many trials and tribulations. Along with those have been MANY MANY blessings and tender mercies. I see more and more each day. The weirdest thing in this all is I know that my family is being guided and Heavenly Father is watching over us. I know that Ben and I are being guided and it breaks my heart that this is the direction we are being led but I know it is for a reason. Just part of the lots of changes. I have no clue where we are going to end up but I know it will be where we are supposed to be. Who knows maybe we (Ben, Katy, Lyse, me and the cats) will be taking up a room at my parents along with Jana and her kids in another room and Shay in another room. We could just have a cozy 10 living in that home! LOL That or maybe my in-laws will allow us and our cats a place to live for a while until we get on our feet. The second bout of unemployment just killed us financially. This is a VERY hard step and one that breaks my heart. I do not know when, how and where we will be moving. I only know it is in our future. I hope I know a little more so I will know what to do with and about Christmas (and where we will be) but who knows! I have no clue about just about everything right now. I have no clue if the girls will continue in their school through the end of the year or switch to a new one. I don't know much. For a planner like me it's hard but I know the Lord is in control and the best things for our family will happen. Please pray for me that I can keep my sanity about me during this because I am loosing it often lately. I need the prayers to just keep it together!!!

Eleventh - We are looking for all new doctors! Our insurance that I thought covered all our doctors doesn't cover ANY of them. Yay just as we have decided it is time to probably start infertility and that we really feel another child is supposed to come to our family and we need to try for it - we have to get all new doctors! The new addition to our family was a long in works process anyway, now we just get to find a new doctor to see if it will even be possible for me to get pregnant again! :) I know the timing seems weird amid all our financial stuff but no matter what financial situation we are in, Ben and I have always agreed and already decided we would take a new addition to our family at any time, no matter what is going on around us. That is the most important and if Heavenly Father wants us to have another one, he will provide the means to help take care of that new little one. Along with new doctors for me, we are finding a new pediatrician for the kids. That is always fun! We have been with the same Dr. for almost 9 years now! This is going to be a big adjustment and I will really miss their doctor! He was great with the kids and really knew their history (and Katy's asthma). Oh well, I am sure we will find an equally great doctor for them!

Twelveth - honestly we don't have much more just figured might as well end it on a non-sense update rather than the heavy crazy ones like our last 2 updates. Prays are always welcome. :)

Honestly, life is going good. Along with our hardships, trials and craziness we have found great blessings and tender mercies. I am so grateful for my calling in primary. It really has helped push me forward and stay close to the Spirit through this all. It has helped me see and understand so much. My life really is blessed.

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  1. Wow lots of change for you guys! Life is a roller coaster full of lots of bumps and twists.