Monday, May 21, 2012

What a day, what a day!

I woke up this morning, got my kids off to school and thought to myself, "Today I am going to take it easy cause I have a long work week ahead of me".

So, I went to the dentist and finished my root canal and got a cavity fixed.

Went to home depot with my dad and got some soil (thanks dad) for the garden and a GFCI outlet to try and fix an electrical problem we are having in our home.

Went visiting teach.

Got dinner finished up in the crock pot (yummy Cafe Rio Sweet Pork)

Started cleaning out the garage and building 2 shelves.

Go visiting teaching to another person.

Work on garage more.

Feed family (which I say it that way cause literally I did not get to sit for more than 2 minutes during the meal without someone asking for something or me having to get up to get something).

Work on garage more.

In total, I worked on the garaged for almost 6 hours.  It looks a MILLION times better.  I am not embarrassed to open up the garage door and have neighbors see in now!  YAY!

This last weekend we got our storage shed from my parents.  All the bins that were in it, went into the garage and then most of the yard supplies went into the storage shed.  I say most cause we have a lawn mower that we are trying to fix and a lawn mower that is working and both can't fit in the shed.  We also have my in-laws tiller in the garage that we need to return.  Anyway, those extra bins in the garage did me in.  The garage literal was embarrassing with the way it looked.  I dreaded opening my garage and having my neighbors see what was in there.

I have not been happy with the garage organization since we moved in.  We had 2 shelves but things were just all over.  Tonight I am MUCH happier with the way the garage looks.  Once we fix the one lawn mower and return the in-laws tiller ALL lawn care items will be in the shed.  YAY!  The tools have a much better home on the side rather than in the front of the garage.  I still need more shelves, but that will come with time (and when we have the money).

I found I have WAY too many baby clothes still.  It is time to pass them down.  Not sure I will need any ever again for my own babies.

I LOVE organization.  I CRAVE it.  I have more to work on and do.  Honestly I don't even know WHERE to start with the tools in the garage.  We have WAY too many (of course Ben would feel differently).

My goal is to have a neat, organized garage that is easy to access stored items as well as park cars in (once we get a garage door opener for the cars that is).

I wish every day I could organize.  That would be my dream job - Professional Organizer!

Now for some pics (please's a work in progress!)


  1. You are amazing. The garage looks great. Now, all we need is a garage door opener and we can start parking in there.

  2. YAY for having your very own garage!!!