Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A week of unplanned

More unplanned adventures occurred today when I suddenly got the flu.  SUPER Sick :(  Ended up with extreme pain in my stomach region.  Went to the ER via ambulance after calling my neighbor who is a nurse.  She came and saw me and was like, "um 911 is needed".

Low White Blood Cell count - AGAIN!

I don't know why that makes my stomach feel like it is going to explode and take my lungs with it!  OUCH!  Spent 5 hours in the er and might be in there again if the pain doesn't go away again.

The above pictures are from my hospital room.  I was supposed to be getting an IV, instead I ended up giving my blood...enough that it went all the way up into the bag and started to fill the bag!  Oh joy.

They made me hang out at the hospital for a LONG time due to low blood pressure and low white blood cell count.  I just keep praying that I can start feeling better.  I feel like CRAP right now.

Last night at this time, I just had a little headache but that was it.  By 10 pm I had the full on flu.  How does it hit soooooo fast?

Well this little set back just made my work week shorter and not as much money :(.  It also created a few bills that were completely unplanned!

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