Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First time ever...ER twice in 1 day!

I was in the er again last night.

Man alive the pain was some of the worse I have ever felt.  At times I was praying to pass out so I wouldn't continue to feel it.

Ben took me back to the ER when I told him I HAD to there was no other choice.  He dragged his feet a little.  He hates ERs.  He hates that they never can fix the problem, only the symptoms.  Me, however, last night, I NEEDED those symptoms fixed. 

We walked in, the nurse immediately took me back for stats.  She then put me in a wheelchair and they waited for the room they were putting me in to be cleaned.  As soon as it was clean, I was put in the room.  I had a nurse there waiting for me.  The doctor was in just a few minutes later.  It was rather fast how it all went down.

The nurse doing the IV missed my vein and was in there wiggling the needle and lead around.  My stomach was cramping and she was telling me, "Just breathe...otherwise the veins will constrict".  Well DUH the reason I am here is cause I can't breathe cause the pain is so bad!

In the end, some morphine relieved me of my pain and I am so grateful!  They still don't know why I was having such horrid cramps.  It could just be because I have had an Intussusception before.  Who knows.  I am just grateful I didn't have another and I was able to be relieved of the pain!

Now I just need to take a couple days R&R and get better and life with hopefully be back on track!

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  1. For the record, I hate how the entire medical industry is run. Like any business, there is profit motive, and curing people creates a loss or customers. It makes more financial sense to merely treat symptoms and keep people sick as long as possible so that they can keep making money on you.

    I love you!