Thursday, February 11, 2010

My friend, Loratab

Recently I have a personal injury that has been EXTREMELY painful. I dealt with the pain for days because the embarrassment of seeing a doctor was worse. Today I finally lost it and broke down and called for an appoint.

Luckily the doctor was no more comfortable in our conversation of my body than I was. He was kind but also very concerned. We discussed my situation (including the fact that I only have insurance until February 28, 2010) and he told me even without the insurance hurry, it was an emergency situation that I needed to get to a surgeon for. Oh the joy!

My consolation prize for a horribly embarrassing doctors visit that I get to repeat with another doctor tomorrow or Tuesday? Loratab. Not sure if I like the consolation prize, would rather not have the problem. Although tonight I KNOW I am going to sleep like a baby. Loratab not only makes me ditzy and out of will knock me out!

So good night world...I am going to enjoy my consolation prize and bed!

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