Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love music.

I adore music.

Music brings me peace.

Music brings me happiness.

I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father that has given me music. I am also grateful to parents that helped foster that love with always singing, listening to music and giving us the opportunity to take piano lessons!

I miss not having a piano to play. I loved Sunday mornings spending a couple hours at the piano playing different songs. I cherished that time. I loved to play different songs and sing along with them. I used to spend hours doing that.

Once I was married and had kids, my parents purchased us a piano. The piano was great until the electronics on it went out :(

I want a piano. I really really want a piano. We just don't have the room for a real one and we just don't have the money for an electronic one. You can pick up a real one in good condition for $300-400. An electronic one...not so much.

I wish I could make my condo grow by 125 sq ft. Add 1 bedroom and 1 extra little space for a piano! I want the piano not only for me but for my girls. I want my children to have the opportunity with the piano and learning to play as I did.

I hope and pray I am able to provide that to them!

I have a plan. Once Ben gets a job, I am going to try and save up money for an electronic piano. Once I have the money for the piano, I am going to sell my dresser in my room and purchase with that money a chest instead. That way less floor room will be taken up in my bedroom. I will then have room to put a piano in my room. I know it isn't the perfect place for a piano, but it is a piano in the house!

Now to save the $1000-1500. I think I can do it!! I am praying for help to see the opportunities to earn, save and eventually obtain my goal!


  1. I love music too. It soothes and comforts me. And in times of headaches, it provides orderly noise to drowned out the cacophony of the world.

    We need to get you a piano.

  2. You can do it girl!! Save away!! :) Here's to a new piano and good music! :)