Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Staying positive in an internet based world can be hard at times.

I have DEFINITELY made my fair share of mistakes in airing dirty laundry for all to read.

I regret that.

I don't regret having aired the laundry as much as I regret not having stayed positive. Why did I let the negativity that can so EASILY be found on the internet affect me? Yes I had crappy things happen in my life at the times I posted those things. Yes I had the right to share those.

I guess what I regret is that by posting those many might think I am a negative person or hold grudges. The truth is I try hard to stay positive and not hold a grudge. I know of some that would disagree with that but I would just have to tell them sorry.

Feeling lost, not needed and unsure of your future brings the negativity in boat loads. I am trying to focus on the positive while at the same time my past mistakes have hit me in the face.

I am sorry for not staying positive. I am sorry for venting frustrations. Yes I have the right but just because I have the right to do something doesn't mean I will like the consequences of that.

I hope and pray that the Lord will continue to bless my family and our situation. In praying for that I feel the need to say, I am sorry! I am sorry if I have offended or hurt. I am sorry if I said something in anger.

I am working on improving. One step to improving is admitting you are not perfect and saying sorry for wrongs you have committed. I have committed a LOT of wrongs and honestly, I wish I wasn't so me at times!

I also try hard! I honestly never want to hurt anyone.

This blog was a fresh start. My last blog was lost to the wayside due to lack of funds to renew the name. This blog has new hopes and dreams. I hope it can also show growth. I want it to show improvement. I want it to be positive (not only for me but for any that might find it).

One positive step forward each day...that is my goal. I know it will not be easy always. This is a place to vent for me. I am hoping I can vent about my frustrations in unemployment, parenting, loving and living without offending those that read. I hope I can do this and maintain a happy positive environment! If at anytime you see me slip, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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  1. Girl-- you are amazing! Everyone has negative times and the people that matter are the people that understand and love you anyway! ♥

    YOUR blog is YOUR place to be and to write what you want. You can share as much or as little of your life as you want to. You venting or being negative on here is your right but dear, you are so positive too! When you point out the negative you usually end your post on the positive with things like "I just have to keep praying..." etc. You are amazing!