Sunday, February 14, 2010


Friday I went to a surgeon about my embarrassing little mishap. He agreed it was not a good situation and actually said IMMEDIATE surgery was needed.

So Friday night I spent the night in the hospital all drugged up. They sent me home later that evening drugged up, drowsy and nauseated. Boy was I nauseated. Driving in the car caused me to hurl. Lucky for me, there was nothing in my stomach too hurl!

Recovery has been slow but good. I can see improvements.

For example:

Friday: I started out taking a 7.5 Lortab every 4 hours. At 3 hours I was couting down the minutes until I could take another because the pain was so intense.

Saturday Early Morning: Nauseated, sick, sore and tired. Start bath water and fall asleep in warm bath water. Wake up an hour or so later to cold bath water. Slowly and gingerly get out of tub and climb back in bed.

Saturday morning: I puked up all Lortab, food and any other item that went through my stomach region. After an amazing phone call and wonder drugs called "anti-nausea pills" I was finally able to keep not only water and food down, but even the more needed pain pills down.

Saturday afternoon: Able to keep more than just crackers down, can go 5 hours between pain pills and pain only starts again after 4 hours.

Saturday late afternoon: Nice hot bath is drawn. Enjoy a nice hour nap in warm water. Wake up to cold water. Restart water to warm up then get my raisin skinned body out of the tub.

Saturday night: This is a big one...I switched from the 7.5 Lortab to the 5 Lortab.

Early Morning (like 3:00 am) Sunday: Up taking a bath, praying that Lortab would kick in quicker. Fall asleep in tub.

Later Early Morning Sunday: Wake up in cold bath water and race to bed with electric blanket.

Sunday Morning: Switch from Lortab to Ibuprofen...been on Ibuprofen ever since.

Sunday Afternoon: Take a hot bath wishing I hadn't promised myself only Ibuprofen for the rest of the day...praying the water had a narcotic in it! Fall asleep in warm bath water. Wake up to cold bath water and 2 little girls leering over me talking to each other. Conversation goes something like this:

K - "How long has she been in here?"

L - "I don't know, a LONG time. Do you think she is dead?"

K - "No she is moving and breathing."

L - "The water isn't very warm anymore. I think she must be cold. What do you think she is doing?"

K - "I don't really know."

Me - "Girls go out"

Girls scream

L - "You scared us"

Me - "Um ya some privacy please"

2 little girls run out of the bathroom, laughing and talking about how they thought for sure I was dead in the water and how it was so strange that I had been in there for so long.

Sunday Night : Forget my promise to myself...Lortab is my friend tonight. Don't worry I will stick to the lower doseage one :)

The one trend I see in this whole thing: I have gotten a LOT of bath time in, something I don't normally get and my kids OBVIOUSLY are finding it weird.

The one thing I have learned: waking up in cold bath water is NOT, let me repeat NOT, fun. Someone needs to invent something that keeps the water circulating and warm for as long as you are in the tub!!

I am healing and so grateful I am! Now lets just hope hospital bills don't send us to the courthouse filing bankruptcy!

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  1. I am grateful for the improvements! I was going to get tickets today: you still up for it?