Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Armed and Dangerous!

Yesterday was not only the first day of school for Katy....I also had a class to go to!

That's right! I took a class on shooting. It was actually a Concealed Carry class. It was great cause my dad arranged it all with his neighbor and the class was basically free for me. I had to provide the ammo for my gun, but since we had the ammo here in the house it was free. Now when I have to replace that ammo, it will be about $15.

I can now go and apply to get my Concealed Carry Permit. That will be a while before I can afford that (it is almost $100).

Yesterday was great though! I was able to learn how to get over my eye dominance. The teacher was great and I am a LOT more confident in my abilities with the gun. I can actually be a good shot! With the .45 I do alright, with the 9 mm I am good! I love that I am more confident in my shooting abilities now!!!

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