Sunday, August 29, 2010

In over my head

Friday Katy's teacher and I had a disagreement over the water fountain usage.

Seems that the rule is when you come in from recess you can drink from your water bottle on your desk or not at all. Since Katy doesn't have (or I should say didn't have) a water bottle she was forced to go thirsty after coming in from 95 degree weather or break the rule and get a demerit. Katy decided that she was thirsty enough that a demerit was worth it. Now if you know Katy you KNOW she had to be dang thirsty to break that rule - she is NOT a rule breaker!

Wednesday following recess outside, Katy was walking past the drinking fountain and she stopped and took a drink from the fountain. She was in the classroom and seat the same time as the rest of the students and 5 others stopped to get a drink as well. All 5 were given demerits for breaking the rules. Katy when writing what she did wrong she wrote, "I was really really thirsty so I got a drink from the drinking fountain." When asked how she could rectify it, she said, "Have a water bottle or go thirsty."

As you can guess - this did NOT go over well with me from the mother point of view! I was in control over her having or not having a water bottle. Since I had been told it needed to be a clear one and I don't have a clear one at home nor the money to purchase one, I had not sent one to class with my daughter. I NEVER in my WILDEST dreams imagined that she would be forced to go thirsty following playing outside in 95 degree weather because I had not purchased a water bottle for her!!!

Now I don't know what I am going to do. The teacher and I had a long but CIVIL conversation. The problem is when I first called it was the school principal that answered the phone and received the message. The principal was the one that took the message to the teacher. Now the teacher thinks I brought the principal in on the situation...when in truth I was just calling the teacher but the principal was manning the phones.

What do I do? Katy was NOT in the wrong to get a drink of water following playing outside and I do NOT agree with the rule that all students are banned from the drinking fountain following recess. Now if the rule stated all students that have a water bottle are banned - that is one thing - they have a way to get water. However, that is NOT how the rule is written. All students (even those whose parents aren't aware their child will go thirsty) must obey the rule, no matter the weather outside or the thirst they are feeling.

I told the teacher the rule was wrong and should be re-visited. She told me that we had very different personalities and she hoped the school year would go well. I simply replied, "We are excited to have you as a teacher and look forward to a wonderful, productive, happy school year". Oh how I wish that really would happen. I have a feeling that Katy has now received a target on her back.

NOT the way I wanted to start the school year and end the first week of school. What am I supposed to do? Should I have just let Katy get in trouble for taking a drink of water when she was hot and thirsty? Tell her I wasn't mad and I was fine with it and not have said anything to the teacher?

Yes it was against the rules but I do NOT agree with the rule. Sometimes in life breaking an unjust rule isn't a bad least that is my opinion. How on earth was Katy (or any child for that matter) supposed to learn and pay attention following recess if all she could think was, "Man I am really thirsty, when can I get a drink?" Yes I should have kept my mouth shut a bit longer. NO I do not regret addressing this...just wish I didn't have to have Katy deal with any repercussions.

Oh boy this school year could be interesting!

P.S. Teacher informed me that kids feelings don't matter they are just kids - that didn't set well with me either! Please oh Please let us have an amazing happy week this next week!


  1. I clicked on your blog link through Sandi's blog (I really don't read blogs, hardly ever) but anyways, this is the craziest thing I think I have ever heard. I mean are they fricken kidding?

    Homeschool, that's all I have to say. Of course I've done it, homeschool that is, (my oldest is in starting her second year in college), and my youngest (only 5yrs old) I just put in Kindergarden. But sheesh, if this was the way it would be I would yank her out and tell the school thanks but no thanks. That's just me though.

    Sorry for the completely unsolicited stranger comment :) but that is truly insane.

  2. No I love having your post and I am glad that others don't think I am the crazy one!!