Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh...Walk like an Egyptian

Dancing in our living room is a normal past time around here. Nearly every day you can hear the girls "beg" their dad to "please put some music on your computer". After a few minutes, music is playing and the girls are dancing, laughing and singing along. Usually Ben and I follow suit.

The other day, my house was a disaster and Ben was busy trying to work when the girls requests began. I had the camera out to get pictures downloaded. As I was sitting there, Ben put on some music...but it wasn't from his computer. He decided to teach the girls the Egyptian Walk from the song, "Walk like an Egyptian". He put a music video on that had the walk in it as well as the music.

Ben gave Katy a few minutes to warm up and watch the video before attempting such an amazing, outrageous, fantastic dance move!

Lyse enjoyed watching the video and Dad and Katy dance. Usually she joins right in but she wanted nothing to do with that. Maybe it had something to do with looking "silly" (in her words) or maybe it was the piles of camping gear on the floor preventing her from having full reign of the room. Whichever it was, I laughed, took pictures and wished DEARLY that my house were either larger or had less camping gear in the living room for pictures and the future posterity as they saw this fun family memory!!

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