Monday, August 30, 2010

First Big Step

Today, August 30, 2010, Lyse stared Kindergarten.

I felt bad for her because she is not feeling well. I think she caught whatever I have (throat yucky, cough nasty, nose running, head throbbing type stuff). When she came in to snuggle me this morning, I told her it was actually time to get up and get ready for the day. She begged me for just "1 more minute please". Lyse is NOT one that likes to lay in bed in the morning, so I knew she probably really needed that one more minute.

When I finally got her excited enough to climb out of bed, the thunder rolled through the house and rain pelted the windows. Oh boy...the day is just starting out peachy!

I LOVE the rain! LOVE IT! I LOVE thunder! I do not LOVE the idea of having my baby's first day of school be filled with down pouring rain - how on earth would I get a picture that way?!? :)

Thankfully as we were eating our waffle breakfast, the sun shone through the clouds and the rain stopped. (Note: the rain stopped just long enough for us to get to school, get pictures and the cute little Kindergarten kids walked we got in the car and drove home, the rain started once again)

Lyse had picked out a cute skirt and shirt but when she saw the rain and gloom outside, she chose to put on a Dress Shirt that had long pants with it. I think she looked DANG cute!

As we got to the school, we got a few pictures and Lyse couldn't wait to take Katy's hand and walk with the "big kids" to school. She has been waiting for this for years! Each morning as we would drop carpool off, Lyse would ask, "When is it my turn?" Last year was especially hard as each morning she would watch 4 kids jump out (instead of 2), excited for a day at school.

This year was her year, today was her day. All last week she would say, "I am starting school tomorrow". We would correct her and tell her it was a couple days away but she still would go around telling everyone she was starting tomorrow. Her teacher was a bit concerned when she met her last Wednesday and came to tell me school started on Monday, not Thursday. I let her know that I knew that but Lyse just always stuck with the "tomorrow". It really was cute!!

Lyse is ready - I am not! Lyse knows her ABC's, how to write them and has even started to read some sight words. She counts to 100 with a little help on remembering 70, 80 and 90. Lyse is one smart cookie and I know she will succeed in life! Today was her first big step into gaining independence and her adventures in life. That is a hard step for me as a mom but I am still excited for her!!
Our Cute Carpool kids!

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