Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Week of Summer

Last week was our last week of summer. I tried to do fun things with the girls each day.

Monday we went to my parents house and I let the girls swim until their little hearts were content.

Tuesday we just hung out. I was going to go to the $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point but honestly the thought of the HUGE crowds just wasn't worth it. I did have good plans but I guess I just failed at making the WHOLE week absolutely amazing and fun.

Wednesday we had my sweet niece, Keira, for the day. The girls got to play all day with Barbies and watch a few movies. When they started to get restless, we did some shopping. We had a lot of items that needed returned, so we ran to all our stores and did our returns list.

As a note - Sports Chalet is AMAZING! We bought some shoes there about 1 month ago. I think I threw out the receipt but the shoes started to tear apart - NOT GOOD! We took them in and the manager just let us exchange them - no big deal! They even gave us a receipt when we left in case something happened to this pair. I TOTALLY would buy there again and I TOTALLY put that receipt away in a good place!! :)

We went to Michael's Craft Store. Katy and Lyse were SUPER excited about this...especially Katy. She had been BEGGING all summer to go, so she was really super excited to go look around.

Now why all summer without me taking her in - a few reasons!

First - if I take in her, I have to take in her sister. Taking both in with just me is quite hard and Ben has not been overly willing to go with us. Wednesday I was able to sucker him in. While it is true I had 1 more child and another set of little hands and fingers to watch and make sure things aren't strewn throughout the store...I also had another set of adult hands helping. The girls had a blast and loved picking out a couple Crafts. I was also really impressed with their prices on small little crafts...honestly better than a dollar store!

The crafts actually came in really handy on Thursday.

Thursday it rained ALL DAY! We had made plans to go to the water slides at Classic one more time. With the rain and mucky weather that was NOT going to happen!! We decided to make some yummy homemade chicken soup and do crafts.

The girls painted their magnets from Michaels. They had a blast with it.

After they finished painting, we played 4 games of UNO. Lyse won almost all the games and Katy won the other one! They both got the game down pat!! It is fun that as a family we can sit and play card games and such together. We let each of the girls have a turn starting as well as have a turn shuffling and dealing. It really was fun.

To end the fun night, Grandma and Grandpa came over and had soup with us. It was yummy and we were happy!! After Grandma and Grandpa left we went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on all the supplies we will need for this next school year. Starting school is EXPENSIVE!!

Friday was a super crazy fun day. The first thing we did was go and meet Katy's teacher, Mrs. Kidd. I think the year will be good for Katy as long as Katy (and I) stay on top of all the homework. I know, I know - easier said that done!

After we finished up with the teacher, we headed to Wal-Mart to get Katy a swimming suit (she managed to loose all hers) and then to the water slides (after stopping by the house for the rest of our suits). On a fun side note - while at Wal-Mart, I found out that my sweet new nephew Ryker was born! He is a big little boy at 9 lbs 15.6 oz and 20 in long but he is super sweet! I am way excited to have him as part of my extended family!!!

It was a TON of fun at Classic. I don't know if it was less crowded cause many had already started back to school or if it was because the day seemed a bit on the chilly side due to the wind. Whatever it was, the place was far from packed. We many times would get to the top and have pick of whatever slide we wanted without waiting! Now that is the way to enjoy a water park!!!!!

After a couple hours of fun in the sun and riding slides, Katy and Lyse enjoyed some time in the kiddy pool (which they claim to be warmer than the main slides water). After soaking in some sun and fighting Lyse to leave, we loaded up the car and headed home.

Although the week wasn't AMAZING, it was a fun last week of summer. The rain on Wednesday Afternoon and all day Thursday did put some kinks in our outdoor plans (we were going to go on a hike one day) but added to our indoor fun. I actually think that one of the funnest days was Thursday when we did crafts, made homemade soup and played UNO!

I guess the end of summer means it is time bring on Autumn activities and weather. Back to school, sweaters, soups, awesome hikes with awesome autumn colors and eventually all those fun holidays!

Summer has been amazing - I am going to miss it!!!

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