Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cecret Lake a.k.a Secret Lake Hike #6

I had TOTALLY forgotten to put this hike in here so I decided I better. Before we did the Uintas or the backpacking to Lake Blanche...we did a super de duper fun hike - Cecret Lake.

On July 30th, Ethney came into town. That night we wanted to hike to Cecret Lake and we asked if her family wanted to join us. We were WAY excited to go hiking with them.

The hike is GORGEOUS and super fun for the kids! We got a LOT of fun pictures but I can't find them right now...hopefully I can find them and post them up soon.

The kids had a blast playing and hanging out together. Grandma Debbie was awesome and helped pack a fun picnic dinner for everyone. When we got to the lake everyone got to eat. It really was fun.

The kids really had fun up at the lake. The salamanders (or whatever creature they are that are in that lake) had the kids in heaven. I think Spencer and Isaac seriously considered just jumping in for a swim!

After a bit we were able to see some mountain goats up on the cliff to the South. It was fun watching them jump and hop their way to the top. It was hard trying to point out the little white dots to the kids but once they picked out where they were and what they were, they seemed to be able to stick with the goats until they disappeared from sight.

The people who went were: Ben, Katy, Elyse and myself, Debbie, Ethney, Kellie, Spencer, Isaac and Eric.

Spencer and Isaac sure love those mountains! It was really fun to watch their enthusiasm for the outdoors! I love those boys to pieces. ( I love Kellie and Eric to pieces was just really fun watching such energy!!!)

As we walked back down the trail at dusk it was awesome to see a big bull moose off to the side of the trail. We spent at least 10 minutes enjoying the moose. It is amazing how a moose that is just eating in a flower field can keep the attention of energy driven children!

The night was super fun and I was really glad we got to enjoy the fun hike with family. What a blessing to have such beautiful places so close to home!!!! What an adventure it was to see the water creatures, mountain goats, moose and even some deer on the way down! I love our mountains!!!!

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