Sunday, October 24, 2010


Boy has it been a roller coaster but honestly this adventure is one that I keep asking to let me go for one more ride. Even with the hard times I am so grateful for what I have.

I have the most amazing husband. He loves me and I never doubt that. He makes me feel beautiful when I look my very worst. He is my match. I feel truly grateful every day to be blessed with such an amazing man! Ben's commitment to our family brings such joy to my heart. Ben is never afraid to take a moment to teach the girls and is always looking for opportunities to talk to them and teach them important things. The little thing will happen or be mentioned and without fail I watch as he turns it into something he can teach his daughters. I am so deeply grateful for his Spiritual leadership in our home as well as his fatherly leadership. He loves our girls and they KNOW it because it shows it daily.

My children bring me so much joy. I feel so blessed to be their mom. I learn from them daily.

Katy is growing up so fast. Friday she had a "late night stay over" at a friends house...basically like a sleep over but at 10 all the parents come and get the kids. I LOVE late night stay overs...not a fan of sleep overs. This next Friday she has a party at another friends house. I am watching her blossom and grow. She is turning into a little tween and while I LOVE it, my heart also aches and breaks. She is responsible. She tries hard to always do what she thinks and knows to be right. Katy has the biggest heart of any person I know. I watch her at least daily give up something she wants to keep peace. She is also a HUGE tease! Tonight we made cookies and took them to neighbors. Before we took them around, we each had a "sample". As Katy took a bite into her cookie she said, "Dad, this frosting is disgusting...the worst ever". I was shocked and looked over at her to see a sparkle in her eye and the biggest grin you could imagine on her face. She finds joy in all she does. She helps to show me that joy too! Man I love that girl.

Now Lyse...that girl gives me a run for my money. She is hot and cold. Some days I feel like I have finally got her down, I understand her a bit more and the next day she changes it all up (personally I think she does this just to show me who is really in charge). Lyse loves to play. Lately Lyse's testimony has grown so much. She is constantly talking to me about Jesus and Heavenly Father and how doing what they want is the very most important. She is quick to offer up the solution of saying a prayer. Speaking of prayers - hers are the best. You KNOW what is on her mind and what she is trying hard to achieve. She is so sincere. She thinks through situations and she finds the things she thinks need help...then she sincerely asks for help with that. Lyse is one that really thinks and ponders. I hope I can lead and guide her the way she needs.

Tonight Katy was saying the blessing on dinner and my phone started to ring. Katy quickly finished the prayer. As I got up to answer the phone Lyse said, "Mom you better hurry it could be Jesus calling us!" I busted up laughing as Ben told Lyse, "I don't think Jesus calls us on the phone". I seriously have not laughed that hard in AGES! Man that kid keeps us laughing around here!!!

Today as we were baking cookies the song "Vida La Viva" came on the radio. We all ran to the living room and started to dance. As I was dancing with my girls I was so happy. I am so grateful that I get these opportunities in life. I love dancing in the living room while laughing and giggling with my girls. I think that is the perfect Sunday afternoon adventure!!

Tonight I was reading my blog about our fun summer. I am so grateful I have this blog and that I have kept track of all our fun hiking adventures. Over the summer, we enjoyed so many fun filled adventures in the mountains. I miss my mountains. I miss not being able to hike in them. The last hike we went on was in the first of September and within a couple weeks hiking won't even be an option. Every time I have tried to put together a fun mountain retreat, something (usually weather) stops us. :( The hardest part of it all - the mountains are GORGEOUS with color right now! Seriously as we drive in the valley, we look at the mountains with awe for the beauty in splashes of color. A hike will happen this is time! I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful valley. I am truly blessed to have had my life filled with fun adventures...adventures I get to take with my little family.

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