Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chugging along...

Well it is 11 pm and I am still awake (even with having a 6 am wake up call).

I know shocking that I have lots going on and sleep is coming in last.

I have so many decision that need to be made and it seems like they are all NOW decisions. Shift bids, car purchases, vacations. All are decisions that have to be made in a couple days. On top of that I have all the training from work swimming around in my mind.

I think my brain is going to explode.

Do I elect benefits or hope Ben gets good benefits at his new job?

Can we get by without purchasing a car? If not, what kind do we get and what do we look for truck, car, clunker, something that will last?

A Disney vacation has been promised. I am working on delivering but with Ben's new job starting I have about 1 week opening to figure it all out and hope flights stay good. Wish me a LOT of luck with this one!

Work is going great. I really will love this job and I know I love the company. I am looking into all the departments and trying to figure out where I want to end up. I need to figure out what department I want to be in over the next couple months so I can start applying once able (which means I need to also add Shadowing into my schedule).

Tonight I am exhausted and I have a huge day again tomorrow. I have a huge day for every week day for 18 more work days.

I am soooo grateful I get to go part time and work from home. It will feel like a cake walk after working full time away from home! Tonight I feel a little disheartened. I know and can see all our blessings and I am soooo grateful for them all but I can see what I want, what I have promised and what I am working towards. I also mourn what has been lost. Not sure if I will ever stop mourning to some extent. The thing is if I had my status of full-time stay at home mom back I would still mourn the loss of the benefits of my job (well unless we suddenly became independently wealthy and could afford to just travel at full price to all the places on our ever growing list). :)

I guess I shouldn't blog when tired cause it sounds whiny and inconsistent.

Life TRULY HONESTLY is great right now and I have been blessed more than I can ever express. I just keep moving forward with a hope and faith that I am on the right path and praying hard that I will be guided and directed in each step.

Oh as for nutrition update - diet not so great, exercise even worse, weight 135.8 No more almond filled hersheys for me...and a couple more days at the gym would be good!

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  1. Keep it up, Tauni! Sounds like you're super busy, and hopefully things will settle down :)