Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Change is in the air...every time I look around! :)

We have so much going on right now. Fall always reminds me of change cause you have the visual reference of change all around with the red, orange, pink and yellow foliage. This year Autumn has even more is life changes happening in this house!

This is the schedule I have for the next few days:

  • Field Trip with Katy and the 3rd Grade to "This is the Place Heritage Park".
  • Ben has a final interview with a company...he might have a job!!! (Scared to even put this in here that I might have jinxed it but I feel good about it and I figure I will write about it whether he gets it or not cause if he gets it - ECSTATIC and if not DEVASTATION!)
  • Dental Appointment for the girls to get cavities fixed
  • Dance for both the girls
  • Gym appointment for the girls and us
  • The girls BOTH won in reflections! We were notified of it today but don't know what they won and they won't even know they won until Friday. I am soooo excited for them. They will be THRILLED!!! We have an assembly at 10:00 that we need to go to see them get their awards.
  • Date night for Ben and I - we need it right now!
  • My awesome new nephew is having his blessing day. I have to make 3 dozen rolls.
  • A hike to see the awesome fall colors!
  • I have sharing time.
  • Nothing is planned for right now and I am trying to keep it that way because I start work the next day!
  • Family Home Evening
  • jetBlue orientation from 7:00-4:00
  • Picture day at the school for the girls
  • jetBlue orientation from 7:00 - 2:30

  • No school for Katy and Lyse
  • Have my niece and nephew for the day
  • Katy has doctors appointment
  • No plans for now...something family friendly is going to happen!! Had planned Idaho but we can't do it cause we have other plans on Thursday and Saturday. Might try but not sure it will work!

  • Baby shower for my sister in law
  • My sister's 20th Birthday!!!
  • Church

  • Start training at jetBlue at 7:30 am
  • Kids still out of school for UEA

  • Very Probable that Ben starts his new job
  • Me training at jetBlue

I know not every day in there is booked but there is a LOT of change. I like all the change but it is all BIG changes as well as some fun activities and such! Pray for me and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray even harder for Ben and this job!! Did I say please enough cause if not I could add a few more! :)

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