Friday, October 15, 2010

My own Bach No. 5

I have known it but now it is even a stronger feeling in my heart. PRAYERS ARE HEARD AND ANSWERED!

I will yell, scream, shout, exclaim, etc. that from the roof tops.

I KNOW that our Father in Heaven orchestrated all of this! He is the most amazing conductor ever and it always falls together perfectly when I allow Him in. Sometimes (ok a lot of times) along the way I have wondered where we would end in this symphony of I can hear a part of the beautiful music for this section and realize how much more beautiful it has been made by putting in the lows along with the highs. Every great symphony has a depression so that you can experience the highs with more enjoyment.

Ben and I have had a good feeling for a while about this particular job but it has been a process! He was told in the interview the reason they called him in was because he showed initiative in creating our company.

Each and every step and thing we have done and been inspired to do over the last 10 months has lead us to this point...Ben getting a job! This job!

Yep I said it...Ben got a job!

Not only did he get a job, he got a job with an excellent company that is large in the logistics industry. He got the job he wanted with this company as well. The pay will be good.

Want to know something even more amazing and fantastic?!?! I know you do...

I have been TOTALLY stressing him starting this job the day after I started my training. Don't have that stress now. They want him to start in November (when I am finished with my training and should be back in the home). Our car situation, our training schedules...pretty much all the aspects have fallen together in a very cohesive manner.

I could NOT have written this part of the Symphony....this is the work of our Father in Heaven. Tonight I have IMMENSE love, appreciation and a heart completely full.

I am truly a blessed woman!!!

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