Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet

I just wanted to add - I thank Thee oh God for a Prophet - and his apostles and all the rest.

I am so grateful for Conference weekend and having my Spiritual Cup filled (and over flowing).

I have so many favorite talks.

Elder Jeffery R. Holland's talk from Saturday morning had me in tears and answered my prayers! When he said with that in this economic tough times, moms are making sacrifices and he knew it wasn't easy. I burst into tears as I knew my situation was one he was speaking about.

Going to work is difficult. We have been asked and admonished to stay at home with our children by our Prophets. We have also been commanded to take care of the basic needs of our families. Sometimes that means a mom has to go to work. I do NOT want to work forever. I hope and pray we don't get "used to" the money. I want to go back to following the counsel of being a stay at home mom.

I have people (specifically my parents) telling me all the time it is good and my time as a stay at home mom is probably over forever. It hurts when I am told by my parents it is good. I feel like they don't want me to stay home (they have put me down over and over through the years for being a stay at home mom and have constantly urged me to get a job). Why aren't they urging and SUPPORTING me as being a stay at home mom instead of trying to get me out of the home?

I feel like they are saying it serves me right to have to go to work. I have NEVER tried to be "I am better than you because I am at home and those around me have to work". I HAVE had to make sacrifices but they have been made by choice to keep me home. I feel bad if I somehow made them feel I was better because I stayed home and my mom worked. I never intended that. My mom and dad are always saying the kids were never hurt by my mom working, that it was good for my mom to work. My parents would get mad at me for saying staying at home for at least me as a mom is a very important thing. I have been told over and over that we were never hurt by my mom working, probably just helped more. I know our situation wasn't bad but I also know I have seen my mom state how she wished she could just be home with her kids and grandkids. I know my kids won't be hurt horribly but I also know that sacrifices of mom's time WILL have to be given on there part!

It hurts that my parents are so excited for me to have a job and think it is such a good thing. I know they are excited for their flight benefits but can't they see overall this is not the perfect situation for our children? Anytime a mom has to leave the home to go to work and not be there 100% of the time for her children is a sad thing. I have heard them say it is sad for my other siblings - so why is it not sad for me? How is it ever good for me to have to leave my children and not be there for them 100% of the time?

This situation has really bothered me and hurts. When I heard a current Apostle of the Lord say we need to make decisions to care for and help our children. By providing for our children we are NOT going against the word of the Lord, I felt like Heavenly Father had inspired Elder Holland specifically for me. I was able to put aside the hurt from my parents urging me to work for years and the "I told you so" situation and just see that Heavenly Father is the one leading and guiding me here. In the end, as long as I am doing what Heavenly Father asks or wants then I will be successful as a mom.

Elder Holland's talk opened up a lot of hard things for me and healed my heart and soul.

President Deiter F. Uchtdorf's talk Saturday morning had me laughing as well as Spiritually uplifted. I loved how he said we need to slow down life. Not only enjoy the journey but remember when times get tough we need to slow down and go back to simple basics.

President Henry B. Eyring from Sunday morning conference touched my heart. I do not recall 1 specifically thing he said that stood out to me. I DO recall the feeling I had. I was touched throughout his entire talk. At the end of his talk my thought was, "Be more grateful, be more caring, try harder to love all".

Last and of course NEVER last our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. Telling us to be there for others, to show our love for that person. Be kind. Young Men need to prepare for a mission and should go on missions. Make good decisions.

I want to be a better person. I want to serve those around me more. I want to be more faithful 100% of the time...because if it is harder to do it just 98% of the time (that was said during the priesthood session and I agree).

Reading Scriptures and having prayer daily as a family has been mentioned in EVERY session. I once again feel strongly that Weekly Family Home Evening, DAILY Family Scripture Study and Prayer are fundamental foundations for raising my children in the gospel. I am trying hard to do these things. We have been doing pretty good overall. I do worry what will happen once I start jetBlue we will fall out of the habit. I will be working nights and different times which will make it a lot harder to continue in our family nightly rituals; however, I hope and pray that our family habits that we have established will just take over. It is far easier to get rid of good habits than make them. I am going to fight and battle with all my might to keep these and do them for the rest of my life!!!

Parenthood and raising children correctly in the gospel, Missionary Work, Following the Prophet, Humility and not being prideful, Listening to the Spirit, Faith, Gratitude, Inviting the Holy Ghost into our daily lives, loving and serving all around us - these are basic principles I have heard in every session.

I am grateful for the gospel and getting to learn and grow from listening to our modern day "scripture". I LOVE the Spirit it brings into not only my life but my Home. I have loved watching my children enjoy and learn from the talks given.

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