Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have some of the most amazing friends ever. Seriously - if you had the friends I did you would be saying, "She is so right. Her friends are the best and most amazing ever!"

It has taken until just this last month for me to accept help from my friends. Not because they never offered but more because I didn't feel worthy of them. I know it is stupid to say but I always felt that I needed to serve them in order for them to like me and want to remain friends with me (I know...I have issues big surprise).

Being sick with everything else has put me at breaking point. I just keep thinking, "Why Heavenly Father? I am dealing with so much more...why are you putting this in my path too?"

It is at that moment that my phone rings. I have an amazing friend on the other end asking what they can do to help and if they can bring dinner. I don't have dinner brought in often (I much prefer to make it and take it to others). I hate feeling like a mooch or asking for help. These few nights lately I have said yes. I feel HORRID and guilty for saying yes but when dinner time comes and I don't have to worry I think, "Man I have the best friends!!" I have had more meals brought in over the last month than I have had with either of my babies combined (by the way I have only had 2 meals brought to me by sweet dear friends...just so you don't think I am totally mooching off society and friends).

Tonight I want to publicly thank my friends. The ones that send me a card in the mail, send me a text message checking up on me, bring me clothes cause I whine about nothing to wear and the ones that bring me dinners. Thank you for listening to the Spirit and giving me the feeling that I can make it one more day. Right now is tough. I know everyone has their struggles but I am so grateful for good friends (and of course family) to help uplift and carry us through the times in our lives when we don't know if we can do one more thing.

P.S. Stomach is ok tonight...I have just found that avoiding food completely tends to make it feel the best. I so should be able to do that until Friday right?!?!

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