Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today was our primary activity. The month of September has been SUPER busy in primary. We had the program last week (it was a hit...the kids are simply amazing).

The activity today was super fun and Becca came up with the funnest idea of "touring the holy lands". We took and decorated different rooms. We recreated the places that Jesus had walked. I personally think it turned out really well.

At each place there was a simple lesson of what Jesus did for us and then an activity to follow.

One of the biggest hits was the feet washing. My girls thought that was the bees knees to get their feet washed by Sarah. It was touching because it does show love.

The children also searched for lost sheep, watch a science experiment while talking about miracles, went fishing and road the "rapids" of the River Jordan.

I truly am grateful for my calling and the wonderful children in primary. They are a huge blessing in my life and help strengthen my testimony daily. I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for knowing just what I needed at this stage in my life.

I also am very grateful for the amazing women I get to serve with and learn from in Primary. Becca constantly amazes me and I truly admire her. Aubree is fun, happy and I am so grateful to be gaining a friendship with her and I hope it continues to grow. Sarah is kind and an amazing listener. Sarah has an amazing love for others...I truly admire her so much for that.

I also am truly grateful for my husband. Ben helped me through my whole area of the River Jordan. He helped my section run smoothly and I am so grateful for him and his help!

I am truly blessed with an amazing husband, children, family and friends. Even though I have my major faults...I must have done something right to get all these amazing people in my life!!

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  1. Aw, thanks! I'm glad that we're becoming good friends as well :)

    Saturday turned out so well, even if my experiment didn't turn out....oh well! Love your blog by the way!