Monday, September 6, 2010


This month our bishop has asked all the families in our ward to get back to the basics: family scripture study daily, family prayer daily, individual scripture study daily and individual prayer daily and then weekly family home evenings.

Ben and I have been trying extremely hard to really implement these same things into our daily lives but lately I have found us slacking, especially in regards to scripture study and family home evening.

I want to be better at this. I know that when we read the scriptures in our home, I feel the spirit more acutely. I am able to recognize the Spirit and its' promptings easier too! I am so grateful that we have a bishop that sets monthly goals for the ward and then encourages it!

We are good about family and individual prayer daily. Family Home Evening we are ok at but not perfect. Since we have been bad about reading scriptures as a family daily, I decided to really focus on that. I am not perfect but I hope that we can get this implemented into our family life, so that it is just habit, like nightly family prayer.

Wish me luck. I know it will be worth it!!

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