Friday, September 3, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

Totally kept negativity up here too long! I am really sorry for that.

Life has been a bit crazy over the past 2 days. After loosing it on the blog and even more in real life I asked Ben for a blessing.

I am soooo grateful for the priesthood power that brings me so much comfort.

I am grateful for a Father in Heaven who loves me and tries to show it to me...I just need to come to him to receive it! I also need to be better about watching for it!

Life hasn't been perfect but I know we will be ok.

Last night we had to max out our credit card because the brakes went out on the van. It wasn't just the brakes was the entire brake system - pads, rotors and calipers on the front end. Ben could have done it but we couldn't get the parts. We were REALLY blessed in the end to only have to pay $90 more than Ben could have done it and even with us price matching every little part for each thing. Why we finally went with Les Schwab was not because we wanted to pay the $90 to have someone do it - it was that we couldn't get the parts until next week. We needed a car (since we only own 1). I feel soooo blessed and really feel as though we were guided and directed and we got a really good deal. I feel we had a tithing blessing and miracle - even though there was a problem.

I am thankful.

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