Sunday, September 12, 2010

My girls keep me on my toes!

Tonight we had a treat filled night. It was fun to make the cookies with the girls and the margarita ice cream was yummy too but oh my goodness it wired Lyse!

We don't eat much sugar around here. Cookies and an ice cream shake treat in one night is a LOT! Add that Lyse was able to eat a couple cookies - not just 1 and then ate her entire shake - OH BOY! Seriously I can not put into words how bouncing off the walls she was.

As we were trying to read scriptures as a family tonight she would NOT sit still. It was crazy, well at least she was! We were trying desperately to keep some order but she was just all over the place.

At one point Ben was reading about the Angel coming down and talking to Laman and Lemuel. After Ben had finished reading about the angel I stopped him for a minute and turned to Lyse.

"Lyse what did the Angle say to Laman and Lemuel?" I questioned her.

Her eyes wildly searched around for an answer and she finally hesitantly answered, "Um...And it came to pass?"

Ben and I had a good laugh. So many of the scriptures start with that phrase, so I am super proud of her for knowing that at least. :)

As for Katy. The two of us have been arguing since Friday. She has said she has no school on Monday morning. I have argued she does, it was Labor Day that she got Monday off and that was last week. The argument has been brought up each time I mention school on Monday. Today she was insistent she should not go tomorrow and I was insisting she would.

Finally exasperated I said, "Fine Katy come with me to the calendar. See this right here says...oh um you don't have school."

She did an "I told you so" dance and song as I ate crow pie. She was right and I have learned that before I insist she has school when she insists she does not that I better check the calendar!

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