Saturday, September 25, 2010

One of those uncomfortable infertility subjects - not the PCOS one I whine about all the time...this one is male related

Just so you know...I am just putting it all out there and I figure I gave ample warning in my title. If you don't want to be reading about the male anatomy and don't think you can look Ben in the eyes after without thinking of this post, you might not want to read it! :) Just Sayin'!!!!

You know when your husband is willing to not only go to the doctor but call and make the appointment on his own...that there has to be a big reason. When the doctor is a Urologist you really start to worry.

Turns out...we should have been worried and should have been in a year ago! When we got in the room with the Urologist and he asked Ben what was going on Ben got his sheepish "crap I...ummm... why am I here, what should I say, I am embarrassed and speechless" look on his face. He smiled and tried several times to talk until I was wondering if I should step in and help him out then he finally mustered up the words, "Well it is kinda embarrassing".

The doctor truly was amazing. He chuckled a little and said, "Ya cause no one EVER comes to a urologist about something embarrassing." That seemed to ease the tension and Ben was able to tell symptoms and problems (which he was so easily able to type up on his blog I might add).

Ben was diagnosed with Prostatitis. After the check up he was in immense pain from it all and has been all day - poor guy!

What is Prostatitis?

  • Well basically it is an inflammed prostate.
  • It is not cancer. A weakened prostate is more vulnerable and if untreated will kill you but it won't cause the cancer. I was relieved to learn it won't cause cancer.
  • It is extremely painful. I mean HELLO my husband took initiative to call and schedule an appointment with a urologist! First time EVER he has made his own doctors appointment in the 9 years we have been married!!!
  • It does cause infertility (to put it mildly not only because the act to get me pregnant is painful but it kills all the swimmers too).
  • It can last forever and be something he never overcomes. :(
  • Spicy foods are BAD on the prostate (Ben was NOT happy to learn this cause he likes most his food to be SPICY...hello there is jar of Jalapenos that only he eats and is gone in a month!!)

This is just one more infertility battle we will be fighting. Luckily, the infertility is reversible once you get the prostate healthy again. In cases of chronic prostatitis, infertility can still be beat. Ben will be on antibiotic for at least a month. Once he finishes 1 months worth of medicine, he will have to go back in for more testing. If it all appears clear they will not have to do any "procedures"...we are definitely rooting for the no procedures route.

I realized something today. Going to a urologist for a man is awkward! I went to a urologist a year and a half ago. Not awkward. Talked up my crazy bladder infection issues and got stuff taken care of (same doctor as Ben's actually).

Today was awkward during the urologist exam. It wasn't the doctor cause honestly he was a great doctor. I am not sure if it is because men make it more awkward or if it just IS more awkward - going to an OB/GYN and doing a yearly and talking up all the private business is sooo much easier. Seriously, Ben and I have been to a million OB/GYN appointments and thousands of the "fun" exams. He has always been in the room and it was never awkward. Maybe this is just my view point. Maybe, as Ben has said, I just have just gotten used to and expected the awkward OB/GYN appointments and know what to expect! Both are "private and personal" but honestly the urologist is more awkward.

I am going to blame men and their pride for this one. Not sure why other than I can't find another reason!

As a side note: We were talking about Ben's high liver enzyme problem with the doctor and he asked if Ben had been checked for gallstones. We both looked quizzical and said no why? The doctor informed us his levels actually could indicate that it was his gallbladder and not his liver that is having the issues. It also would make sense why his stomach gets really upset after eating ANYTHING that is semi greasy! We may have just killed 2 birds with 1 stone (or at least figured out 2 problems...actually killing the birds will mean surgery on the gallbladder).

So there you have it...our probably WAY to personal information on Ben's prostate!

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