Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quotes of the Day

Today Lyse:

"Mom, today I got to watch the Prophet of the United States on the TV" Um you mean President, right Lyse?! :)

Today Katy:

"Mom you are the bestest mom ever" Awe schucks!

Today Ben:

"Have you noticed that the girls are giving more loves and hugs lately. I love that they are so kind and loving." Ya, me too honey!!

Today Me:

"Please oh please give me a midol, a midrin, some cough syrup, a peanut butter cookie, an uninterrupted nap and then maybe I can survive the day"**

**My quote of the day in no way reflected my amazing children or husband! Mine has to do with blacking out EVERY time I stand up, coughing up my lungs, head throbbing CONSTANTLY, craving (and unfortunately eating) peanut butter in any and EVERY form like it is going out of business and being so freaking tired that I am going to bed early, waking up late, taking naps and waking up EXHAUSTED from every form of sleep. I wish the headache was from too much sleep but it goes away then comes back with a vengence about the time I am so tired my eyes won't stay open. It isn't the normal exhaustion - it is the lethargic exhaustion. I think I have a bug and PMS and possibly mental exhaustion...whatever it is, it isn't being nice to me :( Yep that is me whining at midnight cause I was craving peanut butter sooo bad and even though I can BARELY keep my eyes open, I have peanut butter cookies* in the oven!

*Another side note - I am scared to death of the scale. Even though it isn't reading higher and clothes aren't fitting tighter - no human being can eat as much peanut butter as I have over the last few days and NOT have some of it move to their hips. Or can they? Since I was 300 lbs, I am pretty sure I am one that CAN'T. I need to break this craving, headache, exhaustion pattern cause it just is plain and simply not good for my waist line (even though right now it isn't hurting it).

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