Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I survived!

So far I don't have much to say other than I survived my first days back to work since having Katy 8 1/2 years ago.

The second day was harder than the first. Missed my kiddos like crazy. I have managed to forge off tears but not sure if that will happen Monday.

Monday I am headed into the center to work while my kiddos will be home finishing up their UEA break. I have NEVER left my kids on a day they are home so this will be even more new territory.

Tonight I got home from work at 2:40, we headed out the door to Costco. When we finished up Costco, we headed to the gym. From the gym we went to the store. At 6:00 we finally got home. I crashed on the couch because I literally had not sat down since leaving work. Ben made dinner as I vegged on the couch thinking, "Working full time is EXHAUSTING!!!" Being a stay at home mom, at least I am up and around busy so when I am tired at the end of the day I can name a reason why! The past 2 days I have just spent the day in a chair listening to people and getting up to do an stretch of the legs here and there or bathroom break. Last night I fell asleep at 8:30! It is currently 8:30 and I am contemplating bed now. The fact that I was up at 5:50 might have something to do with that too!

Tonight as I checked emails and facebook I was overcome with emotions and started to cry. What caused it?!?! My friend posted a picture of her and her children and the fun activity they had during the day today. Oh how I wish I could go back to being a stay at home mom but I also know that isn't going to happen for quite some time.

The night before I started I wanted a blessing. In that blessing I was told to enjoy and work on progressing in the company. In that moment I knew. I knew my life as a full-time stay at home mom was over for now. I have been fighting it..saying I AM moving back to being stay at home full time. Deep down I questioned it. Now I know I will have a career to juggle along with my children. A little piece of my heart is forever broken.

As for health updates. I am going to start putting these in all that I can. I am afraid that if I don't keep myself accountable and writing it all down I will let myself go. I don't want that so bear with me on the boring stuff.

This morning the Wii fit told me I weighed 134.8 with a BMI of 21.6. I have made it to the gym most days but I did slack on going my first day at work. From here on out, I don't get that luxury! Gym is not an option. My body needs the exercise. My tentative plan is at least 4 days a week I have to get gym time in.

I ran the fastest mile I have ran in ages. It is pathetic to say it was a 12:35 minute mile....but that is what it was. I ran at 5.2 miles/hour for 5 minutes straight and 5.4 for 1 more additional minute. I also ran at 6 for 1 minute. I am working on running faster and for longer periods of time. About a week ago I decided I would like running. Since then each trip to the gym has entailed me getting my butt on a treadmill and running. In the 4 times I have been to the gym (yes it has been 6 days and I have only been to the gym 4 times...but there was a Sunday in there) I have managed to take my mile from 15 minutes 40 seconds down to 12 minutes 35 seconds. No I didn't push myself too hard that first day. Honestly to bring my mile down from where it is at, it will take more work. In the beginning it was my lungs that felt like they were bursting with fire. Now I feel it in my muscles (especially leg muscles) too! Today when I finished...I felt it!

I think I can say I am starting to like running. There are things I am enjoying more. Whether I learn to love it or not, I know that I am going to be able to DO it. A 5k and most likely a 10k are both in the near future (maybe a Turkey Day Run will come my way)!! :)

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