Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's all in the Jeans

One week after leaving the ER, I am now back down to only having to loose the 2 lbs again - WAHOO! I am super excited to have that weight off...I could feel it when I put on jeans. It wasn't a happy feelings.

Since we have been serious about working out at the gym, I really want to gain muscle but not weight. I couldn't figure out how I was going to do that. As I was reading the health section of MSN I came across an article that I LOVED! It said you shouldn't pay attention to scale numbers but rather how your jeans and clothes feel on you. I am now trying to do that. My skinny jeans need to feel nice on me.

Maintaining weight is HARD. Your body is in constant flux (especially a woman's body and her cycle). I guess right now I am just learning the maintenance stage. I need to get my body to like this area as its plateau so I am not constantly battling it. Caloric intake is hard to decipher. Yesterday I ate about 1400 calories which is the amount they say I should be eating to maintain my weight at 139. I went to bed with my stomach GROWLING from hunger!

I honestly am a bit lost now. I am working out each day so should I count the calories burnt as calories I can then add into my diet?

This has definitely raised my desire to get my degree to be a Dietician - that way I would KNOW these answers and I could also help others to know this. I need to do some research but even with starting jetBlue, I am seriously contemplating which school I should go to and how long it would take me to get my degree in nutrition.

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