Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Old Lady

It's my birthday.

I feel old!

For some reason 31 is sooooo much older than 30. I can't claim to just be 30...I am now fully IN my 30's.



  1. I'm sorry for teasing you yesterday. I love you. And you aren't old. You are beautiful and vibrant.

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Sounds like you had a nice one :)

  3. say that NOW ;) Love you!!

  4. Well, I am 41 and am IN my 40's now. What do you think about that?? makes 31 look pretty good, huh?

    Don't feel too bad about being 31 -- because 31 is at least near the 20's. I am so far away from the 20's...well, let's look at it this way: my oldest son will be 20 next month.

    YIkes! Now...I feel old for sure! LOL

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I had a lot of fun in my 30's. You will, too!

    When you get the chance, head on over to my blog today and see your blog listed as the recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award...because I think you are awesome:)

    Have a great birthday weekend!

  5. Awe thanks!!! I just came from there (love catching updates on your place) ;)