Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Things About Me!

1) What's your favorite brand of make-up? Are you loyal to one brand? Whatever is on sale but I do tend to like L'Oreal

2) What is the last thing you drank? Water - boring I know!

3) What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Tagalongs are by FAR my favorites!!! (the chocolate peanut butter ones)

4) French Fries or Onion Rings? Hmmmm...depends on my mood and is it a bloomin' onion or french fries? Bloomin' onions are my favorites at restraunts, french fries at fast food :)

5) Share something you've done in the last week that makes you proud of yourself.
I had a bone marrow biopsy done and I chose to do it the harder way - in the room with just IV medicines instead of being knocked out and in the CT scan room. I survived! Also the fact that I have been so sick this week and only gotten frustrated one time on the kids and that was a small but strict - "you guys need to stop it and now!" scolding.

6) What is your favorite inexpensive indulgence? I LOVE popcorn and make it at home with real butter and salt - mmm it's the best!

7) Are you currently reading a book? If so, which one? Just the Book of Mormon

8) Do you prefer to text or talk? I prefer to talk but I find that I text a lot!

9) Have you ever performed on stage? several times and I don't mind it too much.

10) Are you more likely to pick truth or dare? Usually truth but sometimes I choose Dare.

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