Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the verdict is...

It's a miracle and I am blessed! I do NOT have leukemia, lymphoma or an auto-immune disease. I do have a nasty virus. Some of the best news in my life!!

I actually KNEW that it would come out that already. The night before (Monday night) Ben gave me a blessing. In that blessing, I was blessed that my body would be healed and I would return to being able to care for my family. I KNEW he would not have said those words had they not been true. After that blessing both Ben and I knew that I was going to be ok. That was the first time since last Thursday (when cancer was first mentioned), that we had that peace.

I can not even tell you what an amazing call it was to receive. I thought for sure I would be waiting until Wednesday for results but nope Dr. N called me last night around 6 pm. He didn't want me to have to wait longer for the results and he hadn't had time before that. How sweet is that. I am sure he would have rather been home!

Even before the call last night I had noticed the upped vitamin dosages were starting to help. I was able to sweep my floor last night (something that even that morning was an impossible task). It took me 10 minutes what would have normally taken 3 and I didn't do the extras of lifting all the rugs and sweeping out everything from underneath them but I did sweep around them. Such a little thing I know - but to me, for me, it's a huge step.

The plan for today are big and huge but I am not doing them. I am actually going to take time and really allow myself to heal! I wanted to start laundry, clean the girls room, vacuum upstairs, clean the bathrooms and get the floors ready to be mopped when Ben gets home. Oh I also wanted to make homemade bread cause the weather outside just seems to ask for it.

INSTEAD I am laying low. I am going to clean the tub/shower but only so I can take a nice, long relaxing bath. Tomorrow I start my work week, so I am going to start it as rested as I can be. Tonight when the girls get home, I will sit in their room with them while they get it picked up, but I am not going to do it for them.

Now on to some other important news. A couple weeks ago I posted I wasn't sure if I could really do it. I never said what "it" was just that I was sure if I could really do it. Well now that I am interviewing I will share. I am going for a promotion at work. My interview for it is tomorrow (another reason I REALLY want and need to be well rested). I am nervous but I really feel this is the way Heavenly Father is guiding and directing me. This is also a BIG reason I did not take a LOA while I have been so sick. I have known that the path was put before me and I needed to stick to it no matter how hard it would be. The fact that I was able to be in the hospital for 4 days and get 5 days of work covered without calling in sick, in and of itself is a miracle. I almost feel like this sickness was put before me to see if I would really stick to the plan that I KNOW Heavenly Father wants me to follow.

I am still nervous. The promotion would mean LOTS of changes. There would be an adjustment. There would be more working hours. There would also be more blessings because I KNOW this is where I am supposed to go. I KNOW this is the Lord's plan and I just need to stick to this path. I do NOT know that I will get the job, this may just be a stepping stone to where I am supposed to be. I do know that I am moving in the correct direction.

So there is a lot of news in this one "little" post but it's all good news. Life really is a gift and I am grateful to have it (even in the trials).

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