Friday, March 25, 2011

I feel all warm and fuzzy!!

I have been award the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks so very much to Trina. She is a super fun mom and you should totally check out her blog. I love reading about her cute family and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she has and adores big families (something I have always wanted and I also love and adore).
The recipients is asked to do the following:
1} Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
2} Share seven things about yourself
3} Select seven blogs that you feel deserve the award
4} Contact those bloggers and let them know about the award

Seven semi-interesting things about me, in no particular order:

One: I do not like reading books! There I admitted it! Whew that feels good to get off my chest. I will occasionally find a book that takes my interest and RARELY find a favorite author. I do like Rick Riordan and Brandon Mull books but it's more the series such as Fablehaven and Percy Jackson that I like more than the authors and all their writings.
I am a hard reader for authors because if they don't have me captured in the first 25 minutes of reading...I will not finish the book. I love reading "short reads" such as blogs, articles, news paper stories and articles. I am finding that I love to read books on my computer but to pick up a book I am constantly finding myself looking to see "how much is left"? Maybe I just have an aversion to paper pages...not sure! I am trying HARD to change and pick up books to help my children love reading but it's hard. I am lucky to be married to a bookworm! Hopefully my kids get that from him!

Two: I really enjoy coloring and crafting. I HATE the mess it creates. Even if I did have extra space and a room for such would have to be VERY organized and cleaned up at the end of the day. I could NEVER be an artist cause they have to walk away and come back. My "master pieces" have to be completed in one setting!

Three: I love dark chocolate with every fiber in my being. Like REAL dark chocolate is the best and milk chocolate always takes a back seat. Get me the 70% cocoa chocolate bar and I have a hard time limiting myself to just the square (although I have learned tricks to manage). HOWEVER, if you were to purchase a milk chocolate bar for me, it could sit in my cupboard for a month untouched. I am not joking. We purchased a Hershey's Almond Bar (which I like) and a bag of dark chocolate doves squares. I limit myself to one square a day. I ran out of the dove and the candy bar remained. I got a dark chocolate bar a bit later and it was gone while the Hershey's remained. Elyse finally ate the Hershey's bar and shared a bite with me. Dark chocolate just tastes MUCH better to me than milk chocolate!!! Chocolate chip cookies at my house are always made with semi-sweet chips cause they are the closest to dark chocolate!

Four: I love DIY home improvement jobs. I always am trying to come up with something that can be improved so we can get to work on it. I currently have 2 ideas on things I want to do! I have painted our condo 3 times and we have lived here for 6 1/2 years. Our bedroom has been painted 2 times and one of my current ideas is how we are going to change up our room. It is a FREAKING AWESOME idea and I can't wait until I get it all put together and get the room done. It's gonna be a little bit cause it will take some money (which we don't have spare of at the moment) and it will also take some time off of work (since I work from home in my bedroom). My other "project" is just the 1/2 bath on the main level finishing it a little different. That will take a little money and be a day job (so just have to wait for money to do it).

Five: I love the smell of wood working. I have already informed Ben that when we finally get a house it needs a garage to have an area for wood working. The smell of wood that is being worked on is the BEST smell. It is right in line with the smell of campfire. MMMMM LOVE IT!!! I want Ben to get really into wood working so I can have that smell fill my house often. If he doesn't, maybe I will have to! First we have to get a house with a garage!!! ;)

Six: My favorite colors are sea sea blue, ocean blue, sea green, etc. other than purple. Whenever my kids ask my favorite color I always say I don't know. It is true. I don't have an exact color that I just know is my favorite. I have shades and hues I like. Maybe one day I will find that EXACT color, I will know. Until then anything in the aforementioned colors...usually I will love it!

Seven: I am just barely learning how to listen to the Spirit and myself and trust my gut. I know I am 31. I know that I have 2 beautiful girls. I should know and understand this more, but I do not. I am working very hard on trying to learn this.

Man that was harder than I thought. Coming up with 7 random things was hard (maybe cause I am always so random and sharing my guts out on here...finding new things is hard).

Ok to fulfill the last...nominating other blogs. This is hard because MANY of the blogs I read are privatized! So what I am going to do is link them still here but you may not be able to find them because they are private! Here is my list though. It is not a full list. There are some blogs I read all the time and love just as much but some are private and some I am not sure the blog owner wants the attention brought. I tried to be respectful in all my nominations :)

1. Ben - my hubby inspires me with his goals and truly trying to improve and be better.
2. Sandi - LOVE this blog. She is recently privatized...luckily she loves me enough to allow me in!
3. Audrey - even in the hardest of trials, she inspires - another private one though peeps
4. Liz - she was my roommates best friend and I just love reading everything she shares (and her childrens' antics)! Can't remember hers just might be private!
5. Loralee - need a laugh - she will bring it! She is amazing and I just love her blog!
6. Liz - she was my roommate mentioned above. She loves life and is not afraid to live it!
7. Heather - I can't imagine the loss of a child. Her journey in life and becoming a mom again, has me captivated!


  1. Hey! I like your seven things! Dark chocolate is my favorite, too! I love reading short reads, too, such as blogs and Reader's Digest articles. But...I'm a huge novel reader, too. BIG, long books...that have series with them. I love getting so attached to the characters that I physically miss them when I'm through with the series. When I read the Twilight series, I must have been MIA for about 3 days...I was so involved in those books. When I finished one book, I was on to the next the minute after. And when I was through with them all? Oh, how I missed everyone! I felt like I left another world, left friends behind. I get so attached, it's very strange. I had to read the books again, I couldn't take the withdrawl.

    Okay, now there's my little confession. I know, I'm strange. That's okay.

    I'm going to have to check out your seven blog recommendations now -- of course I already know Sandi. I am so glad she went private so that we can still read her blog, but I bet she just hates that it's not open anymore. I know she hates being censored!

  2. Oh...and the crib? Well, remember how it was in the shower? Well, not that the shower is being worked on, you'd think my husband would have put the crib AWAY....but you know where it is, where is has been since we started the bathroom remodel? I should take a picture of it and give everyone an update....

    In fact, I think I will. Right now. And I'll put up a post. In another ten minutes. So check back asap! LOL

    You are so funny that you remembered "the crib" !!!