Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our St. Patrick's Day Festivities!!

I love St. Patrick's Day. It is just a plain FUN holiday! Katy said this morning, "I love that there is a day that is all about my favorite color!"

My Katlynn Ivie is Irish to the bone I believe. Even when she was born she had reddish hair! Her name, her favorite color, everything is just Irish. I guess I better check genealogy and find where we have some Irish...I know it's there somewhere! Katy even wants to go to Ireland - the land of Green she said! Such a sweet thing.

Lyse, now Lyse loves green because Katy does. Lyse loves the Leprechauns and was awake at 6:55 this morning in hopes of catching one! She didn't catch one but she did find the pot of gold that they left for the girls. Lyse had the most fun this morning and she was just giddy all morning long. When she got her pancakes she said, "We get green pancakes cause it's green day today. YAY!!"

Last night the girls and Ben (and a little bit of me) made rainbow cupcakes with pots of gold on them and then we also made a BIG OLD CAKE! The cake was for the Leprechauns (yep all you workers that work with are leprechauns ;) ). We took some of the cupcakes around to neighbors and then of course we had to each have one as well!

This morning I made each of the girls green pancakes and gave them a slice of bacon with it. They were in HEAVEN. It has been such a fun St. Patrick's Day so far. I am grateful that we get to have this fun holiday right now!

Now when you see the cute cupcakes don't think I am the genius behind them. I have a super cute and creative friend that put a tutorial up on her blog about them and I decided that the girls and Ben would have a blast making them (Ben is great like that...he loves to make fun things with the girls. Such a cute, good dad!!!)

P.S. In case you got some of the cupcakes and see the girls pretending to eat the batter - they didn' was all just pretend! :)

P.P.S. The note from the Leprechauns said, "Ye tricked me from me gold ye see Because ye left that cake fer me. Here is me gold." The girls LOVED it! Oh and sorry the pictures are all over the place...that is the one thing that I really do not like about blogger...uploading pictures!


  1. My girls are growing up way too fast! I miss them! When can I see them?

  2. CUTE! I'm impressed you guys made such a celebration out of it. I'm such an Irish Scrooge. I didn't even wear green!

  3. Aud - we need to get together! What do you have planned for tomorrow? Wanna come to movie night?

  4. I made rainbow cupcakes too (minus the cute rainbows)! :) How cool is that? Looks like you guys had fun! I can't believe how big your girls are getting either! Where does the time go?