Friday, March 11, 2011

They want to suck my bone marrow!

I am currently blogging from the hospital bed. Wow what a crazy few days is has been. I came in with extreme abdominal pain. I couldn't move when a wave would hit. At first they they intussusception again.

After several tests, my Dr. informed me they were going to admit me for pain and because my blood levels looked "off". The next morning he came to visit with me and inform me it was out of his league and a hematologist would be in to visit me.

I was so glad that the Hematologist, Dr. N, didn't come until Ben was off work and in the room with me. Dr. N walked in the room and I liked him instantly. He was warm and friendly. Then he started talking and it was serious stuff.

"You are doing better. Luckily we didn't have to order a transfusion. You are high enough to avoid that, but barely." No one EVER wants to hear that out of a doctor's mouth. He then continued to tell me that they had ruled out all the easy answers as to why my blood was bad. My cells aren't too big, too small or odd shaped...there just isn't enough of them. The only way to get the answers that they need will have to be done through a bone marrow biopsy.

The scary words started coming out of his mouth such as "cancer", "lukeimia"...words you never want to have thrown at you or a loved one.

My hopes and dreams of leaving the hospital after only 1 night had crashed and were burning right in front of me.

The news from the biopsy won't be in for several days. I could still be in the hospital if my blood levels are not normal. I am hoping to be home.

This is a very scary situation. I am terrified. I am comforted to know and hear the promptings of the Spirit through this all. I was going to go to my work meeting and just forget being checked out. If I had done that I would most likely have needed a transfusion and have been taken by ambulance to the ER.

I have been very blessed. I know the Lord is watching out over me and my family.

Right now we could use some prayers though! Especially Ben - I think he has met his ropes end!!!

Wish me luck...I KNOW this is going to hurt...I am just hoping it isn't for nothing!


  1. Scary stuff Tauni! I hope you get good news in the next few days. Not to be getting too personal, but how IS a bone marrow biopsy performed? People digging around in your bone does not sound like it is a painless procedure.

  2. They make a small incision on your back by your hip bone. They then take a needle (more like a metal straw) and insert it into your bone. They draw out the bone marrow then remove a small portion of the bone as well to be examined. It was not nor is not painless. i am feeling it tonight!