Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blessings come in all shapes, sizes and disguises!

I never in my life with take advantage of having energy again.


Never Ever.

Never Ever Ever.

Ok, truth is I am writing this in hopes that I will remember this. I can't even walk up the stairs without having to lay down and get some rest before coming back down. I am shaking and sweaty from walking up my stairs. Picking up or cleaning is absolutely out of the question. Even driving from my house to the school to get Lyse takes all the energy I have in my soul.

This is not an out of shape thing (which I am).

My body has no energy.

These are my blood levels as of yesterday (and these are much better than they had been):

WBC - 3.3 reference range 4.1-10.9 - Low
GRAN- 1.2 reference range 2.0-7.8 - Low
RBC - 4.02 reference range 4.20-6.30 - Low
HGB - 10.4 reference range 12.0-18.0 - Low
PLT - 105. reference range 140. -440. - Low

Now unless you are a nurse it probably looks to you the same it looks to me: a jumbled mess of letters and numbers. I have learned a little. WBC is white blood cells, RBC is red blood cells, HGB is hemoglobin (don't know what that is other than something to do with the amount of oxygen in the cells) and the PLT is platelet count. Basically EVERYTHING is below where it should be BUT it's moving upwards. THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!

I know I am blessed. Energy is a much needed thing to survive and I am creating "faux energy" with lots of vitamins and nutrient enriched foods such as iron and broccoli. I am trying to figure out a way to convince Ben that a steak dinner out is actually a medically needed thing ;)

I am grateful for my life and the people that fill it. I am grateful that I know what it's like to HAVE energy and not have suffered with this my entire life. I am grateful for the energy I do have.

I am most of all grateful for a Heavenly Father that has blessed my life with answered prayers, the power of the Priesthood and an amazing family and ward family. I could not do this without my Father in Heaven. I have been blessed with the most amazing caring husband. Without him, I would be at a complete loss. I am so grateful that we share the love we do and that I know I can count on him to help and care for me. Of course my children are a blessing. It's hard being a mom right now with absolutely NO energy but I realize what good girls I have as I watch them step up and really help.

I guess not having energy has blessed to me to see what blessings I have in my life and be more grateful for the little things in life.

Now I get to go lay down and take a short little nap :) Another blessing in life I guess!


  1. I'll see you on Friday when I bring you guys dinner! hang in there.... :)