Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Going to the Temple and they're gonna get married...

I can now officially announce it...Shay is getting married!

I can hardly believe that my baby sister is going to be married. Not only married but married and moving to Charleston, South Carolina!

It's going to be really hard seeing her go. I have looked forward to the day she would get married and we could chill together...now that day seems like it will be far off since her soon to be hubby is in the Navy and well Utah isn't exactly a place where lots of Navy bases are stationed! I am super excited for her and Dennis is a great guy!

They just got engaged and are doing a QUICK wedding due to his Navy duties (basic than moving to South Carolina). They will have been engaged about 3 weeks when they get married and then the reception is 9 days after the wedding. Thank goodness for 1 more week to prepare for the reception!

Congrats Shay and Dennis. I see your love and I am excited for your new adventure in life!!

P.S. So now that we have had a funeral last month and a wedding this month...maybe next month I can announce a baby from someone in my family?!?

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