Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grandpa and Grandma Greats in Idaho

Today we finally had a day that worked out to go to Idaho to visit the Grandpa and Grandma Greats! It has been WAY WAY too long and we have missed them like crazy. Ben's 2 jobs and my job just make it really really hard to find a time and get up there.

Today just worked out. I am so grateful it did. I love the grandparents more than I can ever say. What amazing people they are.

Grandpa Hawker had a stroke and only got out of the hospital Christmas eve. I was so grateful to see him. I loved hearing his stories. He sure has a LOT of love his heart.
He is a gruff exterior with a truly warm and loving heart. I love him and wish we lived next door to visit more often!

Grandma Hawker always has a love and hug. She cares deeply about everyone. It really took a toll on her with Grandpa in the hospital. She is taking care of him and trying so hard. She is a wonderful woman whom I love so much. I am grateful I have married into great Grandparents!

Grandpa Myler is staying young (even though he turns 80 this next year)! He took the kids downstairs to play with his train. He spent time showing them the toys and letting them play with them. He is a great Grandpa Great :)

Grandma Myler I could just sit and chat with for hours. She loves, cares and worries about everyone. She provides a warm home and always has cookies for the kids (and adult kids)! The girls sure loved that hot chocolate.Sweet Grandma wasn't feeling well and was very insistent she didn't want a picture taken; however, the amazing children of mine got her to agree and I am sure glad they did!

I am so grateful that Ben and I made today work (yay Christmas cash). I am so grateful that my kids are blessed to have 2 grandpa and 2 grandma greats! It is a great, great blessing! I am grateful we still have them with us as well. I sure hope we can make visits more frequent and wish it didn't cost at least $50 to drive up there (or I would just do it a lot more!!!)

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