Friday, January 6, 2012


This pictures says home to me!

Change is hard. I am scared. I will fully admit it.

Our condo is our home. It is the place we have come back to time and again. We have lived here 7 1/2 years. When we moved to Oklahoma, we still had a place to come back home to. This is the only place that Katy and Lyse have really known as home (other than the short stay in OK).

We have worked on, toiled with and put much blood, sweat and tears into every small square inch of this home.

My favorite thing about home?!? I love sitting on my couch in the living room or walking in the front door and seeing how the sun hits the wall in the hallway between the kitchen and living room. I know weird huh?!? There is something that feels so warm as you see the beadboard lite up and the hardwood floors glowing from the sunlight.

I also love the way the backdoor windows bring crisscrossed light onto the stairs (the cats like this too!).

From the first day we walked through this little condo, I knew it was home because of the sunlight in the kitchen. I knew it was home because of how it felt.

Change brings strength. Change creates new adventures in life!

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